Congress CMs refusing to share dais with PM: Is it a threat to country’s federal structure?

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Prithiviraj Chavan with Narendra Modi. (File Photo)
Congress Chief Ministers have unanimously decided to boycott the joint events of which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be a part. Fearing embarrassment at the hands of BJP supporters, the CMs have been directed by the Congress high command to do so.

But such a move by Congress leadership disturbs country's federal structure and by issuing such a diktat the grand old party of India is setting a wrong precedent. Hence, it is nothing but desperation shown by the Congress to tarnish the BJP-led NDA government's image.

Why this boycott from Congress CMs?

A few days back, Bhupinder Singh Hooda who is the Chief Minister of Congress-ruled Haryana was booed by Narendra Modi supporters in his own backyard in Kaithal. The Prime Minister had arrived here to attend a National Highways Authority of India event where he was cheered by his supporters whereas Hooda, who was also present at the dais, was hooted by the public.

The Haryana CM could not tolerate this embarrassment and soon after the event vowed to never share stage with Modi. The Congress strongman had also blamed the BJP for transforming a government function into a party rally, ahead of assembly election in the state.

Earlier, Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan also faced the audience's ire when he accompanied the PM to Solapur to inaugurate a four-laned National Highway number 9 on Saturday.

To avoid further humiliation at the hands of BJP supporters in the poll bound states, an issue-less Congress has directed its Chief Ministers to boycott such functions. As per an Economic Times report, the Congress has asked its CM's, especially in states where elections are at head, to follow minimum protocol that limits all joint appearances with the Prime Minister.

The party has accused the Prime Minister Modi of stage-managing humiliation of Congress CMs during their joint appearances. But, the Prime Minister, in Kaithal, had even waved at the audiences not to hoot against Hooda.

Congress disturbing country's federal set up 

Since beginning, state governments have been always followed the protocol and CMs have always shared dais with the PM leaving the political rivalries aside. Since the grand old party of India is facing its worst ever decimation in India's political history, the former seems to have failed to accept this humiliation and showing desperations to tarnish the ruling NDA dispensation's image.

Congress is facing major credibility crisis at present

Such protocols have always been followed by union and state governments. Similarly, such incidents could not be averted in a democracy where every section of the society has the liberty to express its mood. But, the Congress instead has sensationalised an unnecessary issue to give it a political vendetta twist and portrayed itself as a victim.

There might have been several such instances in the past as well when the same Congress, which is playing victim, was sitting at Centre but never raised such issues. And when it is facing the music for its own incapability to please the common man it is smelling conspiracy behind everything.

Congress needs to introspect

Also, it is public's right to criticise or support any or both the governments if they are not pleased with their works. Blaming the opponents for any and every thing will take the Congress nowhere.

Going with the credibility of these two Congress chief ministers, both Chavan and Hooda are facing major criticism due to allegations of rampant corruption and slow development in their respective states.

Hence, it is obvious these leaders face public ire whenever they share dais with an able administrator like Modi, who has climbed the ladder of success with his good work as Gujarat's chief minister. Instead of getting jittery and accusing others of political conspiracy, the Congress and its CMs must try and understand what possibly went wrong which forced its masses to boo them. Blaming opponent BJP will not sort the purpose for the Congress leadership.

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