Church Street blast in Bengaluru: CCTV footage a damp squib so far

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‎The probe update into the Church Street blast does not look too appealing where the technical side of it is concerned. There is CCTV footage which shows men moving around suspiciously but nothing has been ascertained so far.

First grab:

Deputy Commissioner of police Sandeep Patilpat says that in the first grab they have found ‎two men on a scooter moving around suspiciously around the spot where the blast occurred.

Bengaluru blast

However there is no evidence to show that the two men who were at the spot before the blast had planted the bomb.

Grab two:

In the second grab two men who were near the foot path stopped suddenly near the blast site. They stand there for a while and are chatting looking at the spot where the bomb was planted.

However there is no clarity whether these two persons had planted the bomb. There is no substituting footage to suggest that these could be the bombers. Moreover the police are relying on the footage obtained from the nearby bus stop as the camera at the hotel was not focused on the blast site.

One lakh calls being analysed:

The police have obtained the call details from the mobile towers in the vicinity. They have even sought technical support. At the moment there are one lakh calls and messages being analysed.

However there is nothing that has emerged so far thus giving the indication that no call was made or message sent from the blast site.

Drones will monitor New year celebration.

Patil informed that no stone will be left unturned to ensure that security is tight. Drones with night vision cameras will monitor the movement of people on new years eve.

There will be a dedicated control room connected to the drones to monitor all the activity. This is for the first time that aerial drone cameras which will go up 50 feet will monitor the situation in Bangalore. The focus would be on the MG and Brigade Road areas.

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