China visit: Detailed schedule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to visit China on a three-day on May 14, it was announced by the Ministry of External Affairs on May 5. PM Modi will also be visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping's hometown.

Here is the detailed schedule of PM Modi

Day 1: On May 14, Thursday

07.30 AM(5 AM IST): Arrive Xi'an
10.20(7.50AM IST): Arrive Terracota Warriors Museum
11.55 (9.25AM IST): Arrive Da Xing Shan Temple
15.30 (1pm IST): Restricted talks with President Xi Jinping
16.50 (2.20PM IST): Arrive Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Handing over of Bodhi Tree sapling
18.10 (3.40PM IST): Arrive South City Wall

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Traditional Tang Dynasty welcome ceremony

18.30 (4PM IST): Dinner Banquet hosted by President Xi Jinping
19.30 (5PM IST): Walk to the Pot City (courtyard) for the cultural performance
22.35 (8.05PM): Arrive Beijing

Day 2: May 15, Friday

10.00 (7.30AM IST)- Arrive Great Hall of People
10.15 (7.45AM IST)- Official Welcome Ceremony
10.15 (7.45AM-8.15AM)- Restricted talks with Premier Li Keqiang
10.45- Delegation level talks
11.45- (9.15AM IST)- Signing of Agreements
12.00-(9.30AM -9.50AM IST)-Press Statements
12.20-(9.50AM -10.20AM)- State/Provincial Leaders' Forum

(Great Hall of People) (Note: PM and Premier Li will address the Forum)

12.30-(10AM IST)- Banquet hosted by Premier Li
15.00(12.30)- Arrive Great Hall of People

Meeting with Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee

16.00 (1.30PM IST)- Arrive Tsinghua University
16.00 Speech by PM, followed by Q&A
17.15 (2.45PM IST)- Arrive Temple of Heaven
PM and Premier Li to witness Yoga-Taichi Joint Event
Brief remarks by PM and Premier Li
20.40 (6.10PM IST) - Arrive Shanghai

Day 3: May 16, Saturday

09.30 (7AM IST): Meeting with Chinese CEOs (10-20 CEOs of major Chinese companies)
10.15 (7.45AM IST): India-China Business Forum
11.00: (Grand Ball Room, Hotel Portman Ritz Carlton)

Welcome Remarks Remarks by Shanghai Municipal Government Leader
Keynote Address by Prime Minister of India
Speech by Chinese Leader

11.30- Meeting with Shanghai leader (Shanghai CPC Secretary
12.00 (9.30AM IST): Banquet
14.30 (12 NOON): Arrive Fudan University
15.30 (1PM IST): Arrive for Indian Community Reception

Brief photo-op with 4 groups (10-12 members each) of Indian community
Address by PM

Brief walk-about

16.30 (2PM IST): Depart Shanghai

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