Charity smuggling? Why bring diesel from Pakistan to India to sell at a loss?

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‎Several media outlets have burnt the midnight oil to debunk the operation of the Coast Guard which intercepted The Qalandar or the boat from Pakistan. These suspicious four who did their best to conceal evidence have been branded by a few as diesel or drug smugglers. [Pak boat on suicide mission- Target was Porbandar naval facility]

Point number one that needs to be made here is that why would someone from Pakistan smuggle diesel at Pakistani Rupee (PKR) 86 a litre to sell it at Rs 56 here?


The second point that needs to be made here is that in every intercept pertaining to drug smuggling the men have either surrendered or sunk the material in water.

Diesel smuggling works the other way:

There is no doubt a diesel scam that a prevails. However it works the other way around. Diesel is cheaper in India when compared to Pakistan.

Diesel in Pakistan costs Rs 86 a litre. In India the cost is Rs 56.26. Now when one does the conversions it would appear that the profit margin of smuggling diesel from Pakistan and selling for a meager profit of hardly Rs 2 does not make any sense.

The other question is will there even be a profit of Rs 2. The boat, cost of manpower and also diesel that the boat would consume would most certainly eat into the profit.

In the 26/11 attack and the investigations that followed we saw that it was a lady who ran a diesel scam had sheltered Kasab and his nine partners.

She was solely responsible for running a racket between India and Pakistan. For the past couple of years the diesel smuggling route has always been between India and Pakistan and not the other way around.

Was it drugs?

This is another theory that has been floated by a few. No doubt a drug smuggler will try and destroy the material when he is about to be caught. However when on water it is easier to drown the material rather than set it ablaze.

In 8 out of 10 cases the coast guards have intercepted the first attempt made was to drown the drugs. When they have failed they have surrendered not blown up the boat.

Enough said and done:

There is no doubt in the minds of investigators that the material on the boat were explosives. This is one aspect that the agencies have managed to confirm beyond doubt.

However what needs to be confirmed further is whether the four men were planning on blowing themselves up at the Porbandar naval facility or were they attempting to drop off the explosives for someone else to collect?

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