CBDT serves Taxpayers in Exemplary Way

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It is only that when taxes are paid that nations are made. The amount of tax that the government collects from individuals and businesses goes for building infrastructure, buying arms and ammunition and for other social welfare activities.

Not many though like to pay the taxes however each financial year end taxes are paid. Government has tried to make calculating and paying tax easier for the taxpayers. During the last financial year 2015-16 the Central Board Direct Taxes (CBDT) set a record of sort in delivering taxpayer services.


The achievements of the Central Board Direct Taxes:

The Centralised Processing Centre (CPC) at Bengaluru processed more than 4.14 crore Income Tax returns, an increase of over 35% over the previous year.

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The CPC also issued over 1.61 crore refunds above Rs. 100 to taxpayers, an increase of more than 47% over the previous year.

The CPC issued refunds to the tune of Rs. 37, 870 crore in an automated manner of which 67% were issued within 30 days. This demonstrates CBDT's commitment to faster and more efficient taxpayer service while saving costs on account of interest outgo.

During the current financial year the Income Tax Department has issued refunds over Rs. 1,17,000 crores. This figure is likely to further increase as banks reconcile the accounts.

Central Board Direct Taxes request:

CBDT requests taxpayers who have not received their refunds to immediately check whether they have submitted their ITR-Verification (ITR-V) form to CPC Bengaluru.

They may also check whether have responded to any notice under Section 245 regarding outstanding tax arrears, or notice under Section 139 (9) regarding any defect in their return.

Taxpayers can also electronically verify their return using Electronic Verification Code (EVC) instead of submitting ITR-V by post so that the process is completed faster. Almost 79 lakh taxpayers have used this facility.

Taxpayers' faith in Central Board Direct Taxes:

Taxpayers also reposed faith in CBDT's e-governance initiatives by electronically filing a whopping 4.34 crore Income Tax returns in FY 2015-16 representing an increase of over 26.83% over the previous year.

In addition, over 73.16 lakh other online forms were filed with an increase of nearly 100% compared to the previous year.

Central Board Direct Taxes commitment:

CBDT is committed to ensuring world class taxpayer services through its e-governance programs and increasing the coverage and scope of electronic filing and processing of various forms and applications.

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