Bypoll results: Major takeaways for BJP, Congress and SP

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Bypoll results
The humiliating defeat in bypolls have put BJP completely on backfoot. It is unbelievable that the same party which was invincible four months back now trampled by SP in Uttar Pradesh. Even Congress, in spite of remaining in comatose condition has wrests some seats from ruling party in Rajashthan and Gujarat.

Though, SP and Congress has got reason to smile for the time being but to maintain that cheering face they really have to work hard. Here a little analysis of what went wrong for these parties and what will be its ramification in coming days.


Main reason for BJP's debacle in Uttar Pradesh is that part veered away from its developmental plank and put all their hope on divisive politics. To understand this properly, it is important to throw little light on party's resounding victory in Lok Sabha election where it managed 72 seats on its own. And that happened mainly because saffron brigade addressed the frustration and disenchanment among voters by promising them development and growth. The voters were fed up with vested interested, appeasement politics of SP and Congress and immediately connected with Modi brigade.

But this time due to overconfidence and reveling under previous victory, party made some serious mistakes. They changed their line of constructive politics which Narendra Modi religiously propagated during general election.

And in place of that they bet on the old agenda of Hindutva. Party high command gave rein of bypoll withing the hand of so called self guardian of society like Yogi Aditynath and Sakshi Maharaj.

These leaders left no stone unturned in increasing the gap between Hindu and Muslims with their inflammatory speeches and Love Jehad campaign. Though, BJP high command officially never gave its nod to this war of forced conversions, but covertly told foot soldiers to follow this.

Another reason for defeat was that top party leaders like Rajnath Singh, Vinay Katiyar never took interest and left it to hardcore Hindu leader to take the rein forward.

Although, in nutsell we can say that BJP deserved to get boot in UP bypolls, but then most agonizing thing is it's defeat in Rajashthan and Gujarat. BJP had won all seats in Rajashthan and Gujarat in general election but then what happened withing these four months that party has to swallow its pride.

It is well known fact that there is big rivalry between party president Amit Shah and chief minister Anandiben Patel which might had taken toll on party performance. Reason could be anything, but then it's big wake up call for Anandiben, Modi's chosen successor. Another bypoll in the State is scheduled for October 15 at Rajkot West seat and Chief Minister will have to really work hard to prove herself. In Rajashthan also party failed to connect with voters . Overconfidence and complacency proved fatal for that party.

Big lesson

Though, this defeat has scuttled the high moral of Modi led BJP, but in a way it can be blessing in disguise for the party. This defeat will again put party in action mode which ultimately put saffron party in drivers seat in coming election in Haryana and Maharashtra.

Important impact of this poll fiasco will be that its long time ally in Maharashtra Shiv Sena will now get chance to bargain more in terms of seats. Another important lesson is that more state leaders must be groomed, only Modi phenomena can't work every time. Party seriously needs to thread cautiously after series of recent bypoll defeats in Uttarakhand, then Bihar and now this debacle in UP and all.


This party has wrested 8 seats from BJP which has given offshoot of Janata party reason to smile after humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha poll. Obviously, this smile is temporary one and party is not at all deserve to get credit for it. At a time when crime(rape, murder), communal riots have become daily routine in State and SP Government has done nothing credible on the front, in spite of that party got victory that is really surprising.

The reason for this that BJP gave them chance to thrive on their failure. BJP's communal politics, absence of BSP and Congress in dilapidated State, all went in favour of SP. But mostly it is saffron party's polarisation effort by it's firebrand fringe elements which pushed party up in this by-election.

Big lesson

Definitely, their sagging morale has gone up with this result, but then they really have to work hard for coming 2017 Assembly election in the State. They really have to put a break on untoward incidents like rape, murder and communal riots. People in this election has given clear and loud message that they can't be fooled for long and one who will work will be given the mandate.

So, Maulana Mulayam brigade has to shed its high handedness approach and will have to work seriously for growth and development in the State.


This bypoll result has really given a new lease of life to dynasty party. At a time when nothing is working for them right from infighting between old guards and young brigade, then dissensions among party workers, this result has really has come at opportune time. Congress party has got three seats each in Rajasthan, and Gujarat which is a proof that party is coming back in game.

Credit for Rajasthan's victory completely goes for Sachin pilot who didn't rest after poll debacle and worked hard to pull those voters back in part's favour. He has outsmarted big Congress leaders like Ashok gahlot and CP Joshi in state. But then good intentioned hard work always earn the applaud.

Big lesson

After ruthless defeat since 1977 in Lok Sabha election, party never got any chance to re-energize itself. But congress has this history of coming back and that also with bang. And past is full of such examples. Though, party faced humiliating defeat after emergency during Indira Gandhi regime, but it bounced back in next election only.

Only difference is that was Indira's time who knows well how to trounce Opposition which is seriously missing in current lot of Congress leaders.

Congress scion, Rahul Gandhi who is either known for his 'slumber mode' or jumping to the well episode but not for any right reason. He never rises at opportune time like he has yet to visit flood hit hapless State J & K. Moreover, his out of blue reaction is very popular but that had generally brought more harm than benefit to party. Recently, he questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi indifferent attitude towards domestic politics and enjoying drum beat at foreign soil.

It's high time Congress should recalibrate it's strategies ahead of Assembly election in States.

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