By tackling Varun the way he did, Rahul showed he's growing

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The controversy erupting over BJP MP Varun Gandhi's remark on the 'good work' of Rahul Gandhi, the Congress vice-president, in his constituency Amethi is a peculiar one and shows how one can land himself in trouble if he doesn't care to abide by the rules of Indian politics. Varun Gandhi, who is known for his habit of courting controversy ahead of big elections, perhaps made the remark with a good heart but Indian politics is not known for showing kindness to the opposition, specially before the polls.

Varun Gandhi found himself in a bigger trouble, thanks to the media's highlighting his words and running to his cousin brother for his reaction and it was a juicy fulltoss for the Congress vice-president to erase whatever advantage his recently fielded opposition candidate Smriti Irani was hoping to extract. He said in a calculated move that Varun Gandhi's observation was right for his party has worked strategically in Amethi. This simple reciprocation is a powerful political move for it is bound to steal the wind out of Smriti Irani's sail for she was planning to cash in on the anti-incumbency factor against Rahul Gandhi from the Gandhi stronghold.

Read Varun Gandhi's tweets clarifying his stand on Amethi:

The 34-year-old BJP leader will know after this that making casual remarks as one does in a family can prove costly in public life. The BJP will try to play down the episode but Smriti Irani will be the casualty in the long run. The BJP hasn't helped itself by announcing the name of Smriti Irani so late and now with Varun Gandhi's self-goal, the Rajya Sabha MP will have to cover that extra mile.

But one thing is certain. Rahul Gandhi, may be because of his prolonged bout against a tough opponent like Narendra Modi, has become stronger in making the political moves. Varun Gandhi has yet to cover some miles even though he is on the side of his cousin's tough opponent.

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