By-poll results: 5 major takeaway points for JDU-RJD alliance and Modi led troops

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Nitish-lalu and Sushil modi
Opposition camp like congress, JDU and RJD, who were decimated in recently concluded Lok Sabha election finally got reason to smile.

The grand alliance formed by them scored more than Bhartiya Janata party led alliance, ten out of eight seats in Bihar bye elections, which result declared on Monday.

Similarly in other states also like Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab, Modi led troops didn't perform as expected. But that doesn't mean lt's a setback for saffron party but rather than that it can be termed as wake up call for them.

Caste equation still prevalent

The by-election result once again proved that caste card is pre-dominant factor in polls.

RJD-JDU came together after putting aside twenty years of their animosity, aiming to cobble up particular votes banks of respective parties.

And their strategy proved right and Yadavas, other backward class, Muslims and dalit votes fell in their kitty. Though BJP tried to cut these loyal vote banks as it did in Lok Sabha election, but proved unsuccessful.

Nitish-Lalu got morale booster dose

Former Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who had snapped its ties with BJP before the Lok Sabha election got morale booster dose in bye-election.

Reacting over the issue, exhilarated Nitish said, "The alliance will be taken forward (into the Bihar assembly poll next year). The people have rejected the BJP's divisive politics. Our inclusive agenda is on course".

Though the victory is not such that he should celebrate it, but then victory will surely give a kick to his shaken confidence level after humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha election.

Nitish's party JDU has registered victory at two seats Parbatta and Jale, while his foe turned friend party RJD won at three- in Mohiuddinnagar, Rajnagar and Chapra. People of the State also acknowledged RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav who is notorious for Jungle raj of nintes in the State.

For RJD-JDU alliance major obstacle ahead

Though so called unholy alliance JDU-RJD and Congress has proved dominative over BJP led alliance, but major obstacle lies ahead for them.

As Assembly election in State is scheduled at the end of the next year, it will be interesting to see how two big leaders will sustain the alliance. Who will be the Chief Ministerial candidate out of two?

Though resurgence BJP created insecurity brought them together but alliance may not last till next assembly election as both of them have their own vested interest and that might not go down well to another.

Not setback for BJP but wake-up call

While every mainstream media is calling it a severe blow to Narendra Modi, which has won 4 seats without any big BJP leader campaigning for its candidates, while none of its rival could manage to win more seats than the BJP.

On the contrary, its rivals Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar campaigned with all their might and still managed to win just five seats together (3 RJD, 2 JD(U)).

Congress bagged just one seat. So it is not at all question of a setback for saffron party, though it is wake up call for the party. Perhaps BJP had thought that Bihar leaders like Sushil Modi and and Nand Kishore Yadav will be able to give party a flying result but that didn't happen.

Central leader deliberately maintained distance so that State leaders could prove their mettle.

Dejected Bihar BJP leader Sushil Modi said, "We will review, make amends on way to making an all-out effort to win the final round".

They did at some extent but party needs to recalibrate it's strategy ahead of assembly election in the State. Some experts are saying that Modi wave is waning now but that is not at all true and not in this case at least.

Bihar by-election was not at all linked with Narendra Modi's magic. He didn't even campaign for this by-election so how it could be linked.

Taking cue from this not up to mark result, BJP needs to restrategise. BJP has still one year to make a point to people of Bihar.

Congress still long way to go

Beleaguered Congress finally got good news in terms of by-election result.

Congress got two seats in Karnataka and one each in Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

Congress really needed something to resuscitate party which was cornered completely by recent series of events.

The bad omen which was started after humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha election finally ended on Monday.

But still lots need to be done to bring back party on right track so that it could give tough competition to others. Coming Assembly election in States will be real test for dynasty party.

The party leaders must strategize now how this boost-up dose will be taken as leverage.

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