By contesting from Varanasi, Kejriwal betrays his own words again

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Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor Arvind Kejriwal finally declared his candidature against BJP's prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi from Varanasi. The fight in Varanasi will be the biggest this poll season but the news has also raised yet another question on the reliability of Kejriwal's words for he said in the last month that his party wouldn't consider legisltats for the general election. He said this whiel answering to a query on AAP MLA Rakhi Birla's possible candidature from North-West Delhi Loksabha constituency.

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The party said it would keep its strong candidates for Delhi assembly seats as the state is likely to go to the polls after the Lok Sabha election. A state went to the poll in December last year but no party could form a majority government and ultimately President's Rule was imposed after Kejriwal resigned as the chief minister and his party left power.

Kejriwal is a classic example of a politician who loves to live in the present

Now, with announcing himself as the Lok Sabha candidate from Varanasi, Kejriwal, an MLA himself, has again proved that he is known more for breaking his words than abiding by them.

Kejriwal doesn't care for his words because he has little responsibility for what he's doing

But why doesn't Kejriwal take care of the fact that popular image is an important part of the game in politics? It is perhaps because the man has little responsibility towards his public life. He and his party neither have any ideological baggage and now without any serious responsibility like governance, Kejriwal has all the leisure to wage a free battle against a heavyweight opponent. He has little urgency in honouring his words for unlike other political figures, history doesn't matter to him. He is happy to ride on the media and live in the present with an eye on the future. He has taken on Modi because irrespective of the election result, it will help enrich his resume and extend his career in public life by a few more days.

The election of 2014 is a much-needed oxygen for Kejriwal, the politician. He has to fight it for he left the Delhi government for the 'bigger goal'. The number of words he failed en route his dream doesn't count.

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