Busted! Secrets to Narendra Modi's oratory skills

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This teacher's day eve was unique in a very special manner for students across the country as Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to them about his life and times.

He spoke about his experiences and his evolutionary days when he was transiting from a student to a leader and then to a country premier. While he taught children about the importance of a teacher, his tips on oratory skills was what got hold of our attention (weren't we looking for the secrets behind his skills?).

Here are a few tips that he shared with the students:

Narendra Modi

1. Listen attentively: Modi advised students to listen carefully in the class and wherever they went. "Take notes", he said "because that will help you to debate your motion. Moreover, it also builds up on the notes, which can be used as a reference later on".

"Always be observant of your areas of interest and whenever you get to know something new, make a note and keep it with you. Go through them whenever you find the time and build up for an occasion in future"

Narendra Modi 1

2. Develop a habit of writing: "Always try to write short paragraphs about anything you like. Make notes of information you get in your daily life. Do reasearch and build up on that. Public speaking without research is no good as people come to listen to you to gather more information and not what they know," said the PM.

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"Keep the notes with you when you speak," he added. However, he admitted that he never took a script with him to the podium because that messed up with his thoughts.

Narendra Modi 2

4. Google and Youtube: Have we ever seen a tech savvy leader in India before? He is probably the first Prime Minister to have a twitter account of his own, a Facebook page and an Instagram account. He preached technology to his young listeners too. "Refer to your Google guru. Get enrolled in public speaking courses there; try youtube, which also has similar programs," he said.

Narendra Modi 3

5. Write and approach: "Most orators face problem in expressing themselves. They try to say something and they end up saying something else," he said. This was followed by a very simple solution: "write down multiple approaches to a particular topic and select the best one," he said.

Certainly, statesmanship comes with a lot of hard work!

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