British Airways: Loving India back since 1924

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Flying, for some can be an exhilarating experience. To enjoy the feeling of being airborne, amidst the clouds comes very close to feeling of being as free as a bird. However, for some, leaving behind loved ones with only memories of the times well-spent, the hours spent in an airplane are not that pleasant.

A British Airways video shows how the flight crew members are not just regular employees of the company. They are the family that fliers have- once airborne, to take care of the passengers, to tend to their needs and to ensure that the journey itself is nothing short of an experience. And they have been 'loving India back since 1924.'

British Airways

An old lady, after meeting her son in Britain is on a British Airways flight, returning to India. She misses her son terribly but has to return to Hyderabad where her whole family is waiting for her.
"Let me help you," a British Airways flight attendant tells the lady when she is attempting to buckle her safety-belt.

She befriends the compassionate flight attendant,Helena Flynn, 23-years-old, of the Worldwide Main crew for whom this is the first trip to India. Having read about India as a country with diverse cultures and languages, Flynn is both excited as well as nervous about her visit to the country.

Later, Flynn, while making a routine check on the flight passengers finds the old lady silently shedding tears as she is missing her son. Flynn says that she understands the feeling of missing someone and tries to comfort the lady by asking her to think of her family instead, who have been missing her and are looking forward to her coming back.

To divert the old lady's mind, Flynn helps her to select a show on TV, promises to be back with a cup of tea only to find the old lady sleeping peacefully.

Flynn removes the headphones from the lady's head and tucks her in just like a mother tucks in a small child.

"Thank you so much," the old lady tells Flynn while getting off from the flight and invites the flight attendant to her home. She gives Flynn her son's card and insists that Flynn should come and visit her as there is a festival coming up the next day.

Flynn, who initially didn't think that she would be going found herself not only meeting the old lady at her residence, but also spending time with the whole family-making memories of her first visit to India.

Since it was a festival, there was a whole lot of exciting food prepared including 'Payasam'- which Flynn said was her favorite. Flynn found herself relishing the company of the whole family, trying her hand at cooking and enjoying a dance performance too by one of the girls.

The old lady then packs homemade food for Flynn and also gives her a hand- embroidered handkerchief on which a BA airhostess and an airplane are made along with her name Helena Flynn.Overcome by the old lady's kindness, Flynn hugs her and thanks her.

Helena Flynn has been flying to India for two years now, falling in love with the country with each passing day as she discovers more about the country - a feeling she says she cannot describe.

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