Bored from job? Here is an opportunity to start sanitary pads business

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If you live in a village and want to start a business, then here is a brilliant idea for you. One can start the business of making sanitary pad as this business may do well in the coming time.

Sanitary Napkin's brand Epsos and independent researchers did a survey in rural areas and found that 66 percent girls do not have any idea about what precautionary measures should be taken during periods.

The survey also revealed that 67 percent of them do not use the pads during these days as the pads are very costly.

Thus, if one starts a business of the same in rural areas and make pads at low rates, then there is a complete possibility that this business may flourish. And because this business is related to cleanliness, the Health Ministry, Women and Child Development Ministry may also help in the same.

To know how all this is possible, let us take you to Karnataka's Toranagallu. Toranagallu is a small town near Bellary. Suraksha Sanitary Napkin Production and Training Centre in Toranagallu has four to five people who work together to make sanitary pads on low rates. This functions under JSW's social service.

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Pads are made from pulp

These Sanitary pads are made from pulp and not from cotton as it has more power to soak.

No need to use cloth anymore

These social units are trying to make women more aware and also want to free them from using cloth during these days.

Low cost pads will lead to a cleaner India

If these pads are made available at low cost, then more people will buy and use them, thus leading to a clean and hygenic India.

One can start with only two machines

It is very easy to start this business. One can start it with only two machines.

If business grows, Govt will also help

If your business will help the rural women, then Government will also give you more help to further grow it.

One can get training here

Anyone can come and get trained at this centre. This centre functions under Jindal Steel World (JSW).

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