Booing episode from Hooda to Soren: What is the real problem of Congress party?

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Sonia Gandh-Rahul gandhi
Though, these days are tough one for Congress party because of number of issues, party is battling with, but party still is in self-supremacy mode.

The humiliation generated by denial of leader of Opposition post to serious accusations by ground workers about inertness of top party leaders is really making road tough for the party. 

Congress doesn't believe in accepting truth
The party is not in mood to accept the reality that people no longer want their brand of politics.

Rather than involving themselves into blame game, top party leaders should introspect that, why their policy is not resonating well amongst people. They should try to read people's nerve, which they failed to do in recently concluded Lok Sabha election and got decimated at the hands of Modi-led BJP.

But sadly it is not happening at all. Party president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi is not doing the required things to resuscitate the party, which is in dilapidated State.

Dynasty party is badly needed series of structural changes, so that party could make come back again.

And it is inevitable for party's prospect as Assembly elections are due in number of States at the end of the year. Party's high command should focus all its energy in improving credibility of party and energizing ground workers.

Blame game and not accepting the realty will not do any good to party.

It is important that one should know about one's weakness because it gives the exact idea where and how much the improvement is needed. Congress should believe in this theory.

The problem with grand old party is that nobody is ready to accept the bitter truth about poll debacle. Party is limited to Gandhi clan and outsider doesn't have any say. And if it is then that is only for formality.

Like in case of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Though, he was the official head of Government but everyone knows it batter who actually was running the Government.

Modi sold false dream but what about Congress?

Sulking over Lok Sabha poll debacle, Congress vice president Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday said that in spite of our good work, we couldn't convince people and they voted for BJP.

"We (UPA) did so much but some people laid a trap that misled the people. Our work was ignored and those who showed false dreams sneaked ahead", Gandhi said while speaking on the occasion of Rajiv Gandhi's birth anniversary.

Earlier Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi had said that BJP people are so adept in marketing and they can even sell comb to the bald.

But question is if only marketing works then Congress was the one who spent most on poll advertisement and schemes.

Addressing large gathering of women folks, Sonia Gnadhi self- praised UPA's schemes like Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan and MGNREGA.

Projecting the impression that Congress is the one who has done maximum for the welfare of women, she listed party's initiatives like domestic violence law, women's share in family inheritance and old-age pension.

She also took credit for appointing India's first woman President Pratibha Patil and Speaker Meira kumar.

This is what the real problem with Congress. When they saw that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking all credits by putting up these women issues assertively, she has now started whimpering.

Why they didn't perused it conclusively during their time only. Why she has not understood till now that allegation never works.

In past she swiped at Narendra Modi so many times but each time he came with bang.

Rahul Gandhi's shocker-Links temple with women's molestation
People expects that at least top leader of Congress must act in mature manner.

But maximum time they get a big disappointment on the front.

In a weird remark, Congress vice president on Wednesday compared temple with women's molestation.

"Those who go to the temples, worship the goddess, refer to women as daughters and mothers, molest women in the bus," Rahul Gandhi had said.

It is proven fact till now, why political success has still eluded to junior Gandhi. Rather than doing any good to party, mostly his statement marred the party's prospect. But point is what exactly he wanted to convey by that declaration.

I strongly believe that he himself has no idea why he gave that statement. There is only one valid reason and that is his desperation to score political brownie point.

But is this the way he can make the point. I have my doubt and am very much confident even Congress supporters would agree with me.

Booing episode and Congress's diktat

Report says that after Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda was heckled in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kaithal, Congress high command issued a diktat saying no Chief Minister will share public function along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Congress leaders are accusing the BJP for orchestrating the protest and hence scuttling their prospect in coming election.

Shaken by Hooda's booing incident, Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan also boycotted a public function with Prime Minister.

"I have decided not to attend the Prime Minister's function because of the incidents that took place in recent days. As per protocol, a representative of the state government will be present at the function,"Chavan said.

As per recent report, even Jharkhand chief Minister Hemant Soren was booed by the crowd in Ranchi.

While he was addressing the crowd, Modi chant was reverberating in the background.

But Congress is making mountain out of mole in whole episode. This Modi chant in Congress's rally is not new. Earlier Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi also had to swallow this humiliating moment in past.

It's public ire against mis-governance 

Meanwhile, BJP is refuting all the allegations and saying that they are facing public ire for not standing up to their expectations.

"The situation in Maharashtra and Haryana is such that the CMs are not ready to face the public. When public asks questions from them, they demand answers. People in Haryana seem to be angry with Hooda and that is not our fault. Hooda should introspect," party leader and spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said. 

Fact of the matter is, public has every right to criticise or support any or both the governments if they are not pleased with their works.

Going with the credibility of these two Congress chief ministers, both Chavan and Hooda are facing major criticism due to allegations of rampant corruption and slow development in their respective states.

Hence, it is obvious these leaders face public rage whenever they share dais with an able administrator like Modi, who has climbed the ladder of success with his good work as Gujarat's chief minister.

Moreover, when vice president Rahul Gandhi can criticise Manmohan Singh publicly by tearing the Ordinance on corruption, why people can't.

Congress needs true introspection and that is only remedy which will reenergize party again.

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