Blasting Team India after WC loss: Dear Arnab Goswami, you are a pathetic pseudo-nationalist

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The Newshour debate on Times Now, perhaps India's most noisy news channel, on India's loss to Australia in the semifinal of the World Cup on Thursday night was a shocker, to say in the most decent term.

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Should Arnab Goswami's reckless drive get a benefit of doubt?

Arnab Goswami, the Editor-in-Chief of the channel who takes on the world every evening as if the All Powerful has asked him to guard all human virtues on this Planet, was seen making bizarre points on India's defeat in the mega tournament.

Has he ever held a bat himself and stood in the middle of the 22 yards to feel how it feels like?


Could Arnab Goswami have announced a war on Australia?

In whatever little we could understand from the pandemonium that took place in the studio of the 'views channel' (the chaos is a routine affair though), Goswami and most of his panelists were not ready to take India's loss to Australia, a far superior team on any given day, as just a defeat in a game.

It looked as if the Australians had snatched Kashmir, and not the World Cup crown, from India forever. Could the commander... err... the editor-in-chief have declared war on Australia if the meaningless debate did not go past the allotted time?

Dear Goswami, you are a pseudo-patriot

This channel and its big-mouth journalists, if we can call them, is often seen putting the nation's interest first and above everything else.

Creating negative feelings by bashing neighbours like Pakistan and China to get more viewership is something done almost regularly by Goswami but that doesn't certify him to be a patriot for the same man takes out his sword when India's own cricket team loses a game. His channel doesn't feel ashamed to humiliate his own country before the world by generating abominable hashtags.

Who are you Mr Arnab Goswami? How many runs has he scored in cricket?

Who are you Mr Arnab Goswami? What is your credibility to criticise a team that was the defending champions of the World Cup till yesterday evening and had won 11 games in a row at the mega event?

You were not criticising some convicted politician and his party with some of your like-minded friends on the Newshour yesterday but Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the most successful captain India has produced till date. Shame on you and your channel. You are not patriot but just a arrogant businessman who imposes views to run his daily shop.

Virat Kohli didn't apply himself? How much application does Mr Goswami's channel show at other times?

You asked on the Newshour yesterday: Why Virat Kohli didn't apply himself? It is your channel among others who create superheroes out of these players who are also human beings and the moment they fail, you dump them to take a moral high ground.

In what capacity was Arnab Goswami dishonouring Dhoni and his men yesterday?

It was this same Kohli who had slammed a number of knocks against Australia before the World Cup. If Anushka Sharma was a blessing for him then, how come she became a curse yesterday? Did your channel ask this question after the actor was abused and bullied all over after Kohli got out for just 1 from 13 balls?

Dear Arnab, cricket is not politics and please take life easy

Mr Goswami, please stop judging cricket as politics. What accountability do you speak about when your own channel made live telecast of anti-terror operations in Mumbai during and after the 26/11 disaster without thinking a bit about the negative consequences it could have led to for the national security?

Arbaaz Khan analysing cricket? And who-knows-who-are-they judging Dhoni?

And by the way, who were those panelists who were shouting at the top of their voice to analyse Team India's performance in the World Cup? You invitedArbaaz Khan? We can't remember if he has played as a cricketer even in any of his films? Yet, towards the end of the programme, the actor was seen making some logical statements about India's loss against Australia.

Charu Sharma? The man, who people still call the poor man's Harsha Bhogle, was too soft-spoken to be heard. Kishore Bhimani is a credible voice and his points still were acceptable. But his limitation was that he could not shout out the others.

Atul Wassan was in a horrible minority.

Indian players were not communicating? Do they need some remote sensors to show to the world that they are communicating?

Sad Bin Jung, who was talking about miscommunication between the Indian players and that his grandfather Nawab of Pataudi Senior used to get Rs 20 for a Test, was second-best to the anchor in terms of pathetic performance.

What is meant by communication between the players? Is some remote sensor required to display how well the players are communicating?

And how does Rs 20 per Test matter for India's loss in the World Cup? There were some more faces we can't even identify. And they were judging a captain who has won a number of world titles. Should we call it a tragedy or a comedy?

We are ready to pay if you need some counselling Mr Goswami, but please learn to respect people

We, the faceless Indians, appeal to Mr Goswami to learn to respect people who are doing the job on the ground. Not everybody is bad and corrupt in this country and there are issues that are not that serious as life and death.

If you need some counselling Mr Goswami, we are ready to help you out jointly, hoping sincerely that you transform yourself from a reckless journalist to a responsible citizen of this unfortunate country.

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