BJP would prefer to lead Jammu and Kashmir government

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would not want to rush into join the government or form a coalition and end up making sacrifices in Jammu and Kashmir, says G V L Rao, spokesperson for the BJP.

He tells Oneindia that the party will be engaged in a high level discussion during the next day or two to take a final course on the course of action in Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir elections

BJP will be the choice to form the government:

The numbers in Jammu and Kashmir point to a badly hung assembly. Obviously the PDP and the National Conference (NC) cannot form the government. They are like the AIDMK and DMK of Tamil Nadu which can never join hands.

That leaves both the parties with the choice of either the Congress or the BJP. In the case of the Congress they cannot provide the required numbers and hence the BJP is the choice for the PDP. [Jammu and Kashmir election results: Live coverage]

People would still want BJP:

The trend in Jammu and Kashmir has been to go with the party that governs at the centre. The state depends on stability and hence they would still want the BJP to be part of the government.

The BJP was hoping to lead the government in Jammu and Kashmir. In case of a coalition we would like to head it. If it comes down to rotation the BJP would want to head the government for the first three years at least.

Jharkhand is clear cut:

I think the results in Jharkhand are pretty clear. The BJP will form the government and there is no doubt about that. Regarding the leadership and other issues, the central leadership will take a call on the matter soon.

The party will consider various aspects both in Jharkhand (regarding the leadership) and also the coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir.

We will be engaged in high level discussions over the next few days to decide on what the best foot forward.

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