BJP launches Constituency Connect, an app to connect you to your MPs

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BJP president Amit Shah launching the app alongwith BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi and others.
BJP took yet another step towards a digital India by launching a mobile phone app for Delhi citizens who can use it to connect with their local MPs and can register their complaints alongwith offering feedback.

This move will not only ensure better governance through technology but will help in bridging the gap between people and their elected representatives.

The 'Constituency Connect App' can be downloaded on both Android phones and iPhones and will help BJP MPs in New Delhi to connect with their constituencies. The app is aimed at facilitating the redressal of public grievances in the national capital.

How will the App help?

  • The App which was conceptualized by the New Delhi MP Menakshi Lekhi will help in the cause of good governance advocated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 
  • It will provide information on MPs and their work in the constituency and in Parliament.
  • It will offer a forum to the people to give their feedback to the representatives.
  • The application would enable the people to understand the status of their complaints in a Government office.
  • It will help in making MPs more accountable to the public.

How to get started with the App:

The App can be downloaded on Android and iPhones. After downloading the App, voters in a particular constituency will have to provide their voter ID card number to register. After the registration is done, one can use the app to air their grievances.

With this app, BJP has taken the Party-People connect to next level

Elaborating on the features of the app Meenakshi Lekhi said, "Voters can stay informed about their MPs activities like local works done, questions raised in parliament etc. They can also report problems in area directly to the MP with GPS tagged photos. Using the application, voters can also participate in various surveys to help MP decide key issues."

The initial reactions:

BJP general secretary JP Nadda said, "The app is part of Modi government's commitment to connect with the public while also ensuring transparency in governance."

"This is probably the first time that an MP has taken the initiative to... reduce the gap between MPs and the public. It is a new beginning for MPs in (Delhi) and I hope this initiative will be taken forward in other areas too," BJP president Amit Shah said.

"I want to empower the people not only in my constituency, but in all constituencies. The idea is to connect them with their leaders, demand more from them, and together build a better nation," BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi said.

Aiming for a better connection with the voters, New Delhi MP Meenakshi Lekhi on Monday launched a mobile application that will enable the constituents to take up their issues conveniently. The application - Constituency Connect - was launched by BJP president Amit Shah. The application would enable the people to understand the status of their complaints in a Government office.

The app has been launched with the aim of empowering people and involve them in the process of development of our country. But what is to be seen is how much change it will the app bring and how much it will contribute in making a better India.

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