BJP gets reasons to cheer: Delhiites prefer party over AAP, Congress

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BJP must stop fearing fresh polls in Delhi, its still Capital's first choice.
Former Delhi Chief Minister and Congress leader Shiela Dikshit may have backed rival BJP to form a government in the national capital, if it has the numbers, and downplayed the opposition's demand of a re-poll but that's exactly opposite of what the voters want. If reports are to be believed, the BJP is still the first choice of voters in the national capital.

As per a latest survey conducted by India Today Group-Hansa, approximately half of the residents in Delhi want fresh polls to be held in the national capital and 50 per cent of the respondents say they would vote for a BJP government. The voters are of the view that they will vote for the party which is in power at the Centre.

However, Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which formed a 49-day government in the state, has secured 41 per cent of votes for the same and thus became Delhi's second choice.

But the Congress still remains a distant third. The party which ruled the capital state for 15 long years received a dismal 4 per cent of the votes in the survey.

Good signs for BJP

The survey shows that people of Delhi still have their faith in the BJP and the party must not be afraid of contesting re-polls in the state. Since, the BJP is still Delhi's first choice the party must overcome the re-poll phobia and confidently go for polls.

However, 42 per cent of respondents don't want fresh polls and said Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung should call the BJP to form government in Delhi. While an overwhelming 56 per cent of respondents do not want the AAP to form government.

BJP should not be afraid of AAP's sting

If the BJP is getting skeptical about the recent sting released by the Aam Aadmi Party which allegedly shows a senior Delhi BJP leader of bribing an AAP MLA to jump ship and join the BJP, so that the party forms a government is the state, then the party need not be worried over the same as the majority is not buying it seriously.

BJP must stop fearing fresh polls in Delhi, its still Capital's first choice

38 per cent of the respondents have also rejected AAP's sting and consider it a farce to malign the BJP. While only 30 per cent of the respondents believe the sting was true. Hence, the sting controversy not affect the BJP's fortune greatly.

A whopping 67% of the respondents suggested that the BJP should not indulge into horse trading to get AAP and Congress MLAs to jump ship.

It is high time the BJP takes a lesson from the same and drops the idea of government formation as it doesn't has the required numbers.

Survey gives a thumbs down to AAP-Congress alliance

71 per cent of the respondents feel AAP and Congress should not come together to form government in Delhi. Hence, the BJP should not be fear an AAP-Congress alliance as it will only benefit the saffron party.

Respondents have not still not forgotten Kejriwal for his decision to quit the government. Approximately, 74 per cent of the voters said the decision was not right on the AAP government's part.

Only positive for the AAP

The only positive in the survey for Arvind Kejriwal is that he still is the top choice for Delhi CM's post as whopping 39% of the respondents voted for him. It is also because there is no candidate of his stature in his opposition. Neither the BJP nor the Congress have a popular face like Kejriwal.

Hence, there are two major hurdles for the BJP i.e. the lack of a popular face to be projected as a CM candidate and the party must not become complacent with the survey. All, it needs is fearlessly pitch for a fresh round of polls to receive a stable mandate in its favour.

Tough times for Congress

There are no good days for the Congress which despite coming on Delhi roads is facing credibility crisis amongst Delhiites. The party has not yet gained its lost ground in the state which was once considered its bastion.

Hence, going for fresh polls will be a win-win situation for the BJP. If the party gets a clear majority in re-poll, it will form a stable government in the state and if the mandate is a fractured one, then the party would still emerge as the top player, given the support party is enjoying. This will force Congress and AAP to join hands and this will again prove beneficial for the party. 

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