Bilawal's embarrassment saga: After heckling in London, now Twitter flooded with #BhaagBilloBhaag

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Bilawal Bhutto
Bilawal Bhutto once again in news. Because of his recent amateurish acts, Pakistan People's Party (PPP) chief has proved that he can be titled as 'pappu' of Pakistan.

It seems that people are not ready to buy his rant on Kashmir. And big proof of that is PPP chief Bhutto's heckling event at the 'Million March' in London.

Report says that party left red faced after crowd hurled empty water bottles and cans at junior Bhutto in one of the event which was even organized by his party only. People were apparently angry that protest march was related with Kashmiris and Bhutto's heir had no business being there.

He has thrashed once again on twitter for his clumsy act. Recently he hit the headlines quite number of times for his rhetoric on Kashmir, though it did more harm than gain to his moribund political career.

This 'facing flak' has come to light days after he wrote on Twitter that India is adopting Israel model on the Kashmir. He had even warned the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that latter must understand that Pakistan can retaliate unlike 2002 Gujarat riot victims.

With the motive to give his moribund political career an impetus, loudmouth Bilawal's dumbo act again has faced wrath of Twitteratis . On microblogging website people are making fun of him with hashtag #BhaagBilloBhaag. Here is Tweeter reaction where Bhutto was snubbed for his demeanour.

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