Bihar assembly polls: A hectic schedule ahead for Narendra Modi

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The BJP has decided to stay away from contentious issues such as reservation and beef bans in the run up to the Bihar elections.

The BJP has decided that in the last leg of campaigning ahead of the first phase of the elections, it would focus only on development. [ Bihar Assembly Polls 2015: Full Coverage]

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To put across this point, the BJP will rely very heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi who will in all address at least 40 rallies in Bihar.

These last days of the campaign are very crucial, a BJP leader said and the Prime Minister has given the party dates and even said that he will spend as much time as possible in Bihar.

The BJP in the days to come has planned a series of rallies ahead of the five phase election.

New strategy on the cards

While the BJP began its campaign with the development mantra, there have been issues that have dominated ahead of the Bihar polls.

Comments on reservation or the beef ban have put the party in a tricky situation among a certain section of voters.

The BJP which has conducted various surveys has found that such issues do not matter much to many in Bihar and the demand has been development.

The same opinion was shared with the BJP even when it spoke with scores of migrants from Bihar in other cities as well.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to address at least 40 rallies during the entire duration of the elections. Elections in Bihar will held in five phases.

Moreover the BJP has also realized that this is not an easy election and the battle is tightly contested.

For it to have an edge over its rivals, the BJP would need to effectively push the development agenda much harder, the party has learnt.

The recent comments on reservation had given the party's rivals a talking point and while the BJP may have gained with the upper caste on this issue, it still wants to stay away from these discussions and approach the Bihar electorate collectively.

Bihar will keep PM busy

The BJP is drawing up a list of venues where the PM would address the remainder of the rallies. He has already addressed five rallies.

BJP leaders say that the number of rallies that the PM would address will outnumber the ones when compared to the other states which have had elections recently.

In Maharashtra alone he had addressed 24 rallies in a span of ten days. In Jammu and Kashmir he had addressed 9 rallies while in Jharkhand and Delhi it was 11 and five respectively.

The PM would address seven rallies on Thursday and Friday and would return to the state again after the first phase of the polls are completed.

The PM has reiterated during his rallies that he is concerned only about development. The BJP feels that this approach has worked best for the party.

The only set back the party had in the recent major elections was in Delhi.

The Delhi debacle even prompted the BJP not to field any CM candidate in Bihar and focus only on the Prime Minister's development mantra which has worked for the party in the past.

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