Big takeaways from PM Modi's historic speech at Madison Square

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PM Modi enthralls all at Madison Square
In his historic speech at New York's famous Madison Square, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed a strong gathering of 20,000 Indian-American diaspora. The 64-year-old, who is on liquid diet due to Navratri fast, in his nearly 70-minute non-stop and breathtaking speech enthralled one and all.

The Prime Minister through his speech connected with every single person present in the arena and also charmed millions listening/watching him via various modes of multimedia.

Here are a few things that PM Modi said during his speech which made the audience go berserk.

Began speech with trademark 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'

After acknowledging a roaring inception, the Prime Minister began his speech with his trademark 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' and also greeted the crowd on the occasion of Navratri. He also thanked the people for their massive love and support. The chant of 'Modi-Modi' resonated in the arena.

India not a land of snake charmers, but a pool of talent

Modi began his speech by dismissing the age old notion which perceives India as a land of snake charmers. In fact Indians now are playing with 'mouse' and running the world through their fingertips. He didn't leave the chance to mention how skilled Indians are in the field of Information & Technology. Modi through his speech sent the message loud and clear that the world needs to change its perception towards India and Indians.

There is no denying the fact that there is a boom of skilled IT engineers in India and they are contributing their part to make their motherland a 'super power'.

Talks about Mars Orbiter Mission achievement 

To introduce India's advancements in the field of space technology Modi talked about India's successful Mars Orbiter Mission. Narrating this achievement in his very own unique style the PM said, "It takes Rs 10 in Ahamedabad to travel one kilo meter in taxi but we reached Mars by spending just Rs 7 per kilo meter. Also its budget was much less than any Hollywood movie's budget."

Hence, by highlighting India's success in the space research Modi once again publicised exemplary work done by the ISRO scientists.

Modi and his 3D mantra

Taking a leaf from his electioneering days, Modi mentioned the '3-Ds',which will play a pivotal role in taking India to the world. With his 3D's PM Modi meant were 'democracy, demographic dividend and demand.

Modi said India's biggest strength is its 'democracy'. India is world's largest democracy and despite such diversity the people of India have always shown their faith in the democratic system.

By demographic dividend Modi reminded that 21st century is Asia and India will play a crucial role in the development of Asia and world because nearly 65 per cent of India's population is youth, which is any nation's driving force. India would become the biggest supplier of workforce to the world. Modi also told the jam packed arena about a massive skill development programme that has been launched to ensure not just that people get trained so that get jobs at the first shot, but also that they create more jobs.

By demand he meant that being home to 1.25 billion people there is a huge demand for all sorts of goods here and that's the reason why every company wants an access to the rich Indian market.

Invokes Mahatma Gandhi for making India clean

PM said that foreigners and NRIs visiting India complain about the poor sanitation and lack of cleanliness in every corner of the country. He assured that his government is working hard towards making India neat and clean and improve the sanitary standards of the country. Invoking Mahatma Gandhi Modi said, "Bapu had two dreams first, make India free from British rule and second make India clean. His first dream was fulfilled in 1947 but the latter has not yet come true. It is time we make India clean and by 2019 ensure India sheds the tag of an unclean nation."

Made use of his humble background

Modi didn't shy from revealing the humble background he comes from and proudly said that he has reached, where he is, through selling tea and therefore he understands the problems of a common man. Hence his government also works to eradicate the small problems a common Indian faces. But the PM also reminded the people that he has been chosen for doing big tasks.

Invites NRIs' participation for development of India

PM asked the NRIs to come 'Make In India' and establish business in India. He also asked the NRIs to visit his website '' to share their vital suggestion how the new government can improve. The PM also assured the Indian-Americans that they should not be disappointed as India will progress very fast and the skills of its strong youth force will take India ahead.

Asks Indian-Americans to help clean Ganga

Modi also asked the NRIs to support his government to clean the sacred Ganga which is revered by millions of Indians in every part of the world. It is our collective responsibility of restoring Ganga's sanctity and we need everybody' participation, the PM said. Raising the problems of climatic changes the PM said cleaning Ganga is not only for religious reasons, it also tackles the climatic problems.

Promises lifetime visas for PIOs

If PM Modi enthralled the audiences with his speech from the very beginning but he had saved the best for the last. Moments before concluding his speech he gifted the Indian diaspora in US by announcing a slew of measures to ease travel to their motherland including life-long visas. He also announced to combine PIO and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) schemes.

He announced that People of Indian Origin (PIOs) staying in India for long would not have to report to police. In addition the Indian missions in the US would grant long-term visas to US citizens and US tourists would get visa on arrival in India. Online visas would be introduced and Visa outsourcing services expanded to reduce current problems, promised the PM.

Historic moment

It was for the first time when a politician from India addressed such a vast audience in New York. What makes this speech historic is the fact that PM Modi's address was no less than a rock concert where the 20,000 strong crowd present inside the Madison square applauded him with huge cheer, for every statement he made. Also, thousands were gathered at the Times Square to watch Modi's live speech on giant speech on large screens.

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