Beware Litter louts! Bigg boss Hohoshameshame is watching you

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Littering in Delhi.
Slipping on a banana peel, passing through stinking roads and streets, parks littered with wrappers and peanut shells, corners of buildings stained red , all these things have become normal for us. But it seems that those who have been doing all such things and have been contributing in making Indian cities more and more dirty, they should either stop doing all such things or be ready to pay fine for doing the same. New Delhi Municipal Council has started a new Facebook page 'Hohoshameshame' and started an 'clean city drive' to make Delhi a better place.

What is Hohoshameshame?

NDMC, the civic agency has created a special Facebook page called 'Hohoshameshame' where people can upload photographs of people who dirty our city. It is an NDMC web campaign against littering. 

People can upload pictures of anyone seen littering, spitting or urinating in public on the page. The civic agency will reward the person with the best photograph of the day.

Why has NDMC launched it?

"This initiative is meant to sensitize people about keeping public areas clean. People will not litter it if they know their photograph can be uploaded on the web,'' said OP Mishra, director project, NDMC.

"We want citizens to participate in keep our city clean and punish those who dirty it. We have constructed toilets and installed dustbins in our jurisdiction. People should use these facilities and help us keep the area clean,'' said Mishra.

Last week, the civic agency even launched a sanitation drive with special focus on residential colonies, markets, schools and hospitals.

Cleanliness drive will start from October 2 in Delhi.

Pissing Tanker another initiative to stop people from peeing in public

Earlier, a public service initiative group called 'The Clean Indian' has been doling out The Pissing Tanker treatment for people who urinate in public places in Mumbai and Delhi.

An anonymous group of activists in India have taken up arms against men found urinating in public places in India. They roam around with a water tanker called 'The Pissing Tanker' and don't regret launching an attack on you if you're caught in the act on a street. A YouTube video of this group, called 'The Clean Indian' went viral with over 180,000 hits and a flurry of comments. Watch the video for the wild reactions and the group masked and armed with hoses. The motto of this group is 'You Stop, We Stop'.

Sweeping away the litter louts

North corporation commissioner Praveen Gupta had earlier said that he had directed all zonal deputy commissioners to carry out regular field inspections to monitor the impact of the cleanliness drive and take the concerned action is things are not found going the right way. "Littering has become a big problem. Of the 9,000 tonnes of waste removed everyday, 85% is picked up from the streets of Delhi. It is very important for people to have civic sense," he said.

Pay a fine for littering, urinating in public in Delhi

The North Delhi municipal corporation had earlier decided to penalize citizens who throw trash in public places with fines ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 500.

"We will deploy people on the streets and in public places. Anyone caught littering will be issued a penalty receipt and the fine money deposited with the corporation," Yogender Chandolia, North Delhi mayor was quoted as saying in TOI.

The step is part of a 100-day drive on 'sanitation-cum-cleanliness aimed at keeping the city clean during the coming festive season.

It seems the coming days will be a bit tough for the Delhiites as they will have to pay fine for being the litter louts. But if they the citizens themselves understand and help in keeping the country clean then the government can take care of other problems.

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