Bengaluru IED blast: Was it Mehdi or SIMI?

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The blast at Bangalore on Sunday night has given the investigators a lot to think about. While they are piecing together the evidence, they are also exploring the multiple possibilities as to who could have carried out the attack. [Follow updates about post-blast developments]

There are three angles before the Bangalore as of now and all of them will be explored. The first angle was whether it was a retaliation to the Mehdi arrest, the second being the SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) and lastly, the Al-Ummah.


Mehdi Masroor Biswas:

Following the arrest of Mehdi Masroor Biswas who was tweeting as an ISIS sympathizer with the handle @shammiwitness, there was a lot of outrage on the social media. In fact there were tweets that even suggested that an explosion will rock Bengaluru protesting his arrest.

This was dismissed off as wannabe threats by the Bangalore police. They said that some persons were trying to gain publicity out of these events. However today the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah confirmed that after the arrest of Mehdi there was intelligence shared with the police.

The CM also went on to state that there was intelligence but also added that measures had been taken to tighten security in the city and also other parts of the state.

The police and the intelligence say that if it is a Mehdi related attack then there is a chance of it being carried out by a lone wolf. Mehdi had not physical network in India and he interacted more on the social media. However we need to probe further about this, an officer said.

The SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India):

This is a threat that the intelligence bureau has been issuing for some time now. Five men of the outfit are on the run. These men have created havoc across the country and strangely enough none of the agencies have been able to nab them.

These men who escaped from the Khandwa jail last year have not just carried out the Chennai train blast, but also several bank robberies.

This is an important angle for the cops to probe as the intelligence was most specific regarding the SIMI. The SIMI has been looking for dominance in South India and in this regard it carried out the Chennai train blast.

Recently two persons attached to these five SIMI members were picked up in Andhra Pradesh. These persons had said that they were looking for targets in Hyderabad to strike.

There is a possibility that in a bid to enhance their Southern base, they could have targeted Bangalore as well. The Bangalore police are already in touch with their counterparts in Madhya Pradesh for more information.

The Al-Ummah:

The Al-Ummah has been on the radar of the Bengaluru Police for some time. This outfit which specializes in political killings has had its connection with Bangalore in the past too.

The Al-Ummah was blamed for the blast outside the BJP office in Malleshwaram just before the previous assembly elections in the state. The outfit is not as strong as it was but they still do have the capability of carrying out the smaller attacks.

Considering their expertise in Bengaluru related terror this is another outfit which is under the radar.

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