Bengaluru airport hoax call: How technology got better of the caller

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Bengaluru, Sept 8: When a call was made to the Bengaluru International Airport last Saturday stating that bombs had been planted on three aircrafts, it threw the security mechanism into a tizzy. Yesterday, Bengaluru police commissioner, N S Megharik made it clear that this was a call made by one Gokul to frame his neighbour, Jose whose wife he was in love with.

As the investigations progressed, it also threw up another murky detail. Gokul allegedly confessed to killing his wife. The police commissioner said, " He did this only to marry Jose's wife who was his batchmate in college." What we must take a close look at in this case is the manner in which the police nabbed Gokul with the help of technology.


How technology helped crack the case:

The messages were sent from an Airtel number. The message read, " Islamic State wins and get ready for fireworks above the sea today." Further calls threatening to blow up the aircrafts were also made.

While the CISF was carrying out search operations, the police in Bengaluru tracked the number to Jose. The police began to track the number and it showed that the same was still active. This was left active on purpose so that the police could lead up to Jose.

The police were a bit flummoxed to see that the number was still active. They were also taken aback since the location service was not turned off. This was all done deliberately by Gokul, the police say so that they could lead up to Jose.

On reaching Jose's apartment, the police conducted a search, but did not find the SIM card. However, the location showed that the SIM was still active and was being operated from the same apartment complex.

Nabbed on the way:

The police then decided to take along with them Jose and his wife for questioning. Now the strange part is that Gokul offered to drive Jose and his wife to the police station. As they began driving to the station, the cops continued to monitor the SIM card.

The location was traced to the car in which Gokul, Jose and his wife were seated. The police immediately asked the car to be stopped and carried out a search. The SIM was found under the mat of the car. Jose denied having anything to do with it and this is when the police decided to pick up Gokul for questioning.

During the questioning, he revealed the entire plot and even confessed to murdering his wife.

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