Bengal polls: BJP's same anti-Mamata speeches are tiring; what's its vision for the state?

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The BJP is trying its best to reap some benefit in West Bengal's chaotic election which is underway. Besides Prime Minister Narendra Modi, other top leaders of the party are arriving in the state as paratroopers and launching attack on the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) of Mamata Banerjee.

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BJP leaders saying same thing almost at every rally

All the saffron party leaders, including Modi, are repeating the same content at all venues. Most of the time, they are accusing Mamata Banerjee for changing herself and not the state and turning blind eyes to her party leaders' alleged indulgence in corruption. [4 reasons why BJP will not want Mamata to lose]


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While the central leaders like Modi, Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj and Babul Supriyo are using the same vocabulary against the TMC supremo, the local BJP leaders are mostly found busy running shows on Narada sting operation at the party headquarters. The lesser ones are then seen lambasting the 'ill-deeds' of the Mamata Banerjee government in television studios.

Does BJP have anything fresh to offer to Bengal? We are eager to know

But is that all the BJP has to offer to the people of Bengal in this election? Modi's cleverly crafted words sound very fitting in urban centres like Kolkata where remarks like "People are leaving behind their aged parents for jobs elsewhere" or "East India has remained backward" are bound to hit the right chords. [Is the long duration of Assembly election 2016 hurting Mamata?]

But in the distant parts, what does the urban-centric outfit led by Modi has to offer? How much credibility does the BJP aspire to gain by just blaming Mamata Banerjee and ideological and political opponents like the Left and Congress, respectively? The people of Bengal are over-informed now about the corruption charges against a number of TMC leaders, thanks to other anti-Mamata forces and a hostile media, and they need to know more than what better alternative does the BJP offer them? [Is BJP interested in Bengal Assembly election at all?]

Elections today are only about negative verdict; but even Modi will adopt the same strategy?

Elections in these parts have become more about a negative verdict as people press buttons to get rid of one inefficient regime to bring in another. In this ambience of negativity, it is disappointing to see the prime minister of the country, who had promised "Acche Din" ahead of the 2014 general elections, is also living on stories that spark little hope. We all know Mamata Banerjee has failed West Bengal and the state which had once led in various fields, is a backbencher now. But what is the BJP's vision to give Bengal a push forward?

In Bihar too, Modi only attacked Nitish and Lalu but we know ultimately what happened

Modi must be remembering that six months ago, the only-attack strategy adopted against Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad in Bihar backfired as his ridiculing the state leaders did not make any impact. His declaration for massive financial aid for the state also didn't work out. This time, even that is not seen. Modi and his party leaders are just paying visits to poll-bound venues and making either political statements or wooing local sentiments. What about the real issues?

BJP has no organisational strength in Bengal while its leadership is making boring speeches

The BJP should keep in mind that its choice of candidates is not much different from the TMC as both have picked a number of celebrity candidates. While the TMC has done it to bridge factional feuds, the BJP did it to make up for the shortage of faces. The onus, therefore, lies with Modi to give a positive direction to the struggling electorate in Bengal and not just replaying the same old record of 39 years of misrule.

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