Aspiring terrorists of India find it easy, thanks to DIY manuals

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The "Do It Yourself" manuals have become an instant hit with aspiring terrorists. While in Bengaluru, Church Street blasts case, it was found that the accused had relied on a 'do it yourself' manual shared with him on WhatsApp, the same has been found during the probe launched by the Delhi police after the arrest of alleged Jaish-e-Mohammad operatives.

Yesterday the Delhi police had arrested several persons alleged to be part of the Jaish-e-Mohammad and accused them of planning attacks in the crowded areas of Delhi.


The similarity between the probe in Delhi and the one by the NIA in connection with the Church Street blasts is that both accused had allegedly relied on 'do it yourself' manuals to prepare bombs.

DIY manuals, a boon for aspiring terrorists:

Terrorism has witnessed a change worldwide. There are no longer camps and radicalisation meetings. There are self radicalised persons who turn into lone wolves. They never take funds from terrorist outfits to strike and neither seek their blessings.

Instead they raise the funds themselves and strike as lone wolves before giving credit to a terror group.

In such cases the DIY manual has come in handy. It is a highly circulated manual on WhatsApp.

The accused in the Churchstreet blasts case was in possession of one such manual he had received from a group on WhatApp. Even in the Delhi case, a similar modus operandi has been found.

These persons who were part of a group had received the manual on to prepare the bombs. They were referring to the same and managed to prepare one bomb.

However, during the making of the second bomb, it misfired and one of them ended up burning his hand.

Too much material:

An intelligence bureau official said that it is extremely difficult to keep a tab on everything and anything that goes on in WhatsApp groups.

Yes it has become problematic and material is too easily available. These manual provide step by step instructions on how to prepare a bomb, the officer also says.

It is not necessary that the same manual is in circulation through out the country. Various terrorist groups especially the al Qaeda and the ISIS have prepared similar manuals and circulated it around not just in India, but also the rest of the world, the officer also informed.

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