Arvind Kejriwal: From being 'ethically right' to being 'politically right'

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The problem with Arvind Kejriwal is that he loves to drive against the traffic. The latest fiasco around the Delhi chief minister's decision on appointing 21 parliamentary secretaries is another example.

Kejriwal has no basis to back his decision which could ultimately see Delhi going to a third election in less than three years. He has no ethical, constitutional or legal ground to win this case and neither does his citing examples of appointing parliamentary secretaries in other states stand any ground. Two wrongs don't make one right. [Kejriwal should understand the law instead of charging others]


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The leader who says "Political revolution has begun" also takes resort to same petty politics?

There is also no point in giving Kejriwal a benefit of doubt by giving examples of other parties in the country that also resort to similar strategy of appointing parliamentary secretaries. For, Kejriwal, since the inception of his party, has been seen taking a moral high ground compared to other parties. His Twitter profile description says: "Political revolution in India has begun. Bharat jaldi badlega."

And he follows the same old practices that speak of illegality and impropriety.

After winning 67 seats, Kejriwal had to reward his party members: Populism demands that

The key aspect of Kejriwal's action is based on, above anything else, populism. After winning 67 out of 70 Assembly seats in Delhi in 2015, the AAP chief needed to ensure that no dissent breaks out over allocation of portfolios and hence, he made compensation through these appointments. He did not care for the rule and is now trying to justify his decision by various means after hitting the legal hurdle. [Kejriwal is upset because his political credentials are under threat

Kejriwal's transformation was seen in Patna last year when he hugged Lalu Prasad

It is amazing how Kejriwal's transformation from being 'ethically' right to being politically right has taken place. The glimpse of his change was seen after the Bihar election results came out last year when he embraced convicted politician Lalu Prasad to celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi's defeat. The crusader against corruption was seen hugging one of independent India's biggest symbol of corruption as a sign of political expediency.

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Now again the AAP chief has indulged in a law-flouting action instead of pointing out that the rules have been disregarded in other states, too. Why then will people regard Kejriwal as a special politician who is promising a revolution in India.

The AAP has done nothing but made political gimmicks for it knows that the days of ideological politics is over. Today, most or all parties have similar says on key issues for doing otherwise could isolate them and deal a blow to their nationalistic ambitions. Populism is the only saleable ideology that parties pursue today as it helps them quell dissent and keep the needy constituencies in good humour.

It is only the urban midle-class which is dissociated with politics which can see through the game. But when even a party like AAP which caters to the sentiments of the urban, middle-class does the same trick, then one feels convinced that politics serves narrow interests and not the country.

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