Are Rahul Gandhi & Vladimir Putin spending vacation together? Let's assume...

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Their motherlands are old friends. And both of their countries were rattled by their prolonged absence from the public life. Where are Rahul Gandhi, the vice-president of the Congress and Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia?

One wouldn't be surprised if the two leaders decided to spend the vacation away from the known circles of politics in their respective systems. Oneindia imagines such a situation where the two leaders decide to spend some time alone (may be in the serene Caribbeans) so that they are not hounded/criticised by the media or the opposition over developments in their respective countries:


Vladimir Putin (VP): Come on Rahul. Why are you so upset? Let's rewind our souls here. Such occasions come occasionally.

Rahul Gandhi (RG): I know Vladimir. But you know. The government and the media of my country don't allow me any free time. They are always after me. What I eat, what I wear... there must be an end to this (angry)

VP: True Rahul. The same with me here. The situations both inside and outside Russia are getting so tense nowadays that I am always facing the flak.

RG: You mean the murder of Boris Nemstov and the Ukraine crisis.

VP: Yes. And now after I was found missing for some days, all sort of speculation is doing the rounds.

RG: That's the case with all countries ruled by powerful heads by you. Whenever the leader is found missing, a kind of panic sets in. It won't die down unless you make an appearance again.

VP: I know. But not before the much-needed rest. But what's the matter with you? You don't have such a rigid system nor you are in power and yet there is so much noise over your absence?

RG (with a sigh): That's the tragedy Vladimir. Democracy has come a bit too much in our country I fear. We are always interfering into people's privacy. Some channels with noisy editors have made our lives difficult. Don't know how to get rid of this...

VP: Why don't you ban them?

RG: Ban? Didn't you see how even a demand for banning a document has created such a ruckus in our country? One can understand what banning the media can do. India is not Russia, Vladimir.

VP: Are you not getting enough help from your prime minister, Mr Narendra Modi?

RG: The prime minister? That man is always after us Vladimir. I have heard that the police went to my office. My party has raised a serious protest on this. Would you have allowed this in your country?

VP: Well... well... if in power, yes. If not in power, no...

RG: Well, you think like me Vladimir. But tell me one thing, are you ready to take Russia back to the Cold War days by intensifying the crisis in Ukraine?

VP (excited): Of course Rahul. Why shouldn't I? Tell me, if those Pakistanis claim Kashmir, do you feel to give it away? Same here. I am not ready to give it back to those Westerners who have played all sorts of tactics against us.

RG: But how you feel about the current government in India? Do you feel that it is in a mood to undo whatever history my great grandfather and grandmother had written by favouring your country while it came to international politics?

VP: No comments Rahul. We have seen how the Modi government has reached out to the US and even invited Barack Obama to your country's Republic Day celebrations this year, the first time ever. But that is how international politics go. We don't blame India as we are traditional friends.

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