Apocalypse 2015: Will the ISIS wage its last battle in Dabiq?

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Will the ISIS fight its last battle in the year 2015 or 2020? The high rate of recruitments by the ISIS across the globe is aimed more at protecting Dabiq in Syria where it believes the final battle against the infidels would be fought when the Apocalypse arrives.

It is not Jihad anymore. What the ISIS is waging is called the Offensive Jihad as they believe that the time has come for them to fight the final battle in the small village of Dabiq, Syria.


Out here the ISIS believes that the Muslims of the world would fight the final battle against the infidels of the world.

The ISIS staunchly believes that they have a big role to play in the Apocalypse, and this final battle would take place in Dabiq.

The Apocalypse loosely would mean the end of the world. As per the book, "The Book of Revealation it terms Jesus Christ as the Messisah who would come back to earth to end this age and this would lead to the coming of God's kingdom.

Why is Dabiq important for the ISIS:

Dabiq is a small village in Syria which has no relevance in terms of revenue or military. However, the ISIS put in its best force and fought one of its most fiercest battles to take control over Dabiq.

They would do everything in their capacity to hold on to this territory as they believe that the final battle with the infidels will be fought in Dabiq with the apocalypse coming.

The ISIS is on a rampage to recruit as many Muslims as possible from across the world as they are readying for their last battle.

They quote the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad in which it is said that the Final Judgment Day after the Muslims defeat Rome at Dabiq. Following this battle the Muslims would march on to capture Constantinople.

The ISIS has spared no effort to tell the world that they are the real guardians of Islam. They went a step ahead of the Al-Qaeda and declared the Islamic Caliphate.

This was sheer positioning and now by quoting the final battle at Dabiq they have only managed to capture the imagination of many more radicals from across the world.

Quoting the Apocalypse is a sure shot recruitment booster. It sounds big and in the fantasy or imagination of many they would want to be part of this battle which they call as the final one.

ISIS believes Apocalypse would come in 2015:

According to Abu-Bakr Al-Bhagdadi the supremo of the ISIS, the Apocalypse is coming in 2015.

While the Apocalypse would mean the second coming of Christ to protect the people from evil, the ISIS has amended this by calling it the final judgment day.

Several Muslims disagree with Bhagdadi who claims that as per the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad Final Judgment Day would occur after the Muslims defeat Rome at Dabiq. Following this battle the Muslims would march on to capture Constantinople.

Several Muslim scholars that oneindia spoke with say this is the fiction of Bhagdadi's imagination. There is, however, a prediction that suggests that the Apocalypse is coming in 2014.

The prediction states that between April 2015 and September 2015, four blood moons in 2014 and 2015 may represent prophecies relating to the second coming of Christ.

There is another prediction which states that in the year 2020 Apocalypse would happen and Jesus would return to defeat the unholy Trinity of the Antichrist, Satan and the False Prophet between 2020 and 2037.

A recruitment strategy for Iraq and Syria:

The ISIS has focused all its resources on Iraq and Syria. Several religious scholars that we spoke with suggest that Bhagdadi has twisted facts to his advantage.

By quoting that the final battle would be fought in Dabiq, he has managed to capture the imagination of several persons who in turn join the ISIS.

The issue was started by Bhagdadi's deputy Abu Mus`ab al-Zarqawi. While indicating that the final battle would be waged in Dabiq, he said that the light for the same had been lit in Iraq.

These statements catch the imagination of vulnerable Muslims who blindly follow the prophecy of the ISIS. With such heavy statements coming from the ISIS, they tend to join wholeheartedly the battle in Iraq and Syria with the hope of fighting Rome in the final battle.

The Dabiq bureau of the ISIS:

The ISIS recently decided to include Dabiq in their propaganda. They in fact started a magazine known as Dabiq in which they appointed a team who calls themselves the Dabiq team.

The team says that the ISIS will play a historic role in the battle that would lead up to the conquest of Constantinople.

There is still some work left and the Islamic State is purifying Dabiq from the treachery of the Sunni rebels.

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