An open letter to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal from an AAP supporter

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Dear Mr Kejriwal,

Let me first congratulate you for completing 100 days in office. This definitely is a milestone for your government. To be very honest, I was skeptical whether I would even see this day or not, thanks to your 49-day debacle last time.

However, I have some issues relating to you and your government, which I think you need to focus on. As an aam aadmi (or aurat in my case) I have been an admirer of AAP from Day 1. I still remember how you gauged my attention when you first stepped into politics.

An open letter to Arvind Kejriwal

AAP felt like a breath of fresh air

AAP seemed like a breath of fresh air in the Indian political scenario. The way your party functioned, the way your party members spoke, the ground work that was reported from Delhi during the 2013 Assembly elections gave me some hope that the Indian politics can still be resurrected. For the first time I felt that the people were actively involved in politics.

And bam! You shocked not just me but everybody in the country when AAP formed the government in coalition with Congress. You made a dozen of promises and kept some of them which even strengthened my faith in your party. But alas! My happiness was short lived and so was your stint as a chief minister.

Greed for power ruined AAP

The biggest mistake according to me was when you stepped down as the CM in Feb 2014. Just when the people of Delhi needed you, you left them in the lurch and set your sight on the Lok Sabha elections.It made me feel that you were greedy for power.

I, however, have to appreciate the gusto that you showed while contesting the Lok Sabha elections against BJP heavyweight Narendra Modi. I wasn't surprised when you lost the election to Mr Modi from Varanasi. The Modi wave was too much for you to handle. First of all you were grappling with your Delhi debacle, on top of that you were surrounded by controversies, where was the time for you to focus on your goals.

Anyway, post the Lok Sabha loss I thought that you would look back and retrospect into what went wrong and you did. You agreed that stepping down as the CM was your biggest mistake. You said that you should've concentrated first on Delhi and then on contesting elections nationally, which again made me think 'okay you agree to your mistake and things will improve from now on.'

Delhi assembly elections- round 2

In the meantime, it was time for another round of elections in Delhi. This time I was in two minds; whether to support you or not. Still somewhere I thought that you and AAP should be given another chance. I was quite confident that you would pull off another win and I was not wrong!

You came back to power and won with a majority that baffled everybody. While there were many who secretly prayed for your failure, the people of Delhi showed that you could be trusted and voted for your party with a huge majority.

You were again sworn in as the chief minister of Delhi exactly a year after you resigned and what a proud moment it was for all AAP fans. However shortly after your swearing-in the controversies were back to hound you and your party. This time it really got ugly.

Arvidn Kejriwal

Ugly fights, controversies hound AAP yet again!

Not only did you sack two of your most trustworthy party members; Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan from the party, but you also locked horns with Lt Governor Najeeb Jung. I thought that you were someone who was not afraid of criticism.

While, one of your members was caught in an ugly spat with an AAP worker over an alleged extra-marital affair, your own party members were conducting sting operation on each other and continued the mud slinging.

Even the death of Gajendra Singh proved to be a dent in your political stint. You carried out the public meeting even as he tried to commit suicide is something that I do not appreciate. I would have held you in high regards if you had stopped your speech and rushed with him to the hospital just to make sure that he was okay. Naming a scheme after him will do nothing for you.

Which brings me to my main point? What did your government achieve in the last 100 days? Your party seemed to be more in news due to controversy than its achievements. It was only yesterday that I came to know that you were working towards reducing the pollution in the capital and that there were efforts being made to control price rise.

But can I trust you once again? I don't think so. I am tired of your non-stop controversies and am in need of some serious politics from you. I don't want to hear your ministers crib about the Centre. Your main focus should remain Delhi and if you are fighting for Delhi, then make the fight a solid one giving strong reasons for it.

I would appreciate it if you worked in harmony with the Lt Governor and the Centre. Controversies will only give you a bad name and will give people 100 reasons to point a finger at you. Your focus should be safety of women because Delhi is termed as the rape capital of the country and I think that is one title you need to get rid of.

AAP needs to work on the infrastructure of Delhi, battling price rise and proving subsidised water and electricity for a long time. You need to prove it that the people of Delhi chose that right person this time. You must understand that dharna and protest is not the answer to every problem.

With this I conclude my letter and hope that you will not disappoint me again because if you do I will not stand up for you last time.

Yours truly
A supportive Aam Aadmi

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