Not just the first 100 days, the 5 year mandate is important too: Amit Shah

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Amit Shah
New Delhi, May 17: Now that the NDA is in power, many would wonder how the government would function now. Amit Shah, the strongman of Narendra Modi answers them all in an interview with NDTV. The youngest in the Gujarat Cabinet, this political strategist reveals how he planned the UP win when there was no hopes from there.

Apart from this, he also highlights the main concerns and agendas of the party, which has now been bestowed the responsibility of the country's development.

On the first 100 days of governance

"I understand that the first 100 days of a newly-appointed government are very crucial, but we cannot restrict our duties to these days only. It would take a lot of time and great efforts to rectify the mistakes that the previous government committed. This cannot be done in these 100 days. Of course, 100 days would go in planning and directing our focus on certain areas, but not everything can be rectified at one go," he said.

Fear among minority communities

On asking him about the fear that is there in the minority communities, Shah stated in clear terms that this was not natural, but man-made and the entire credict goes to the media. "They have magnified every issue that could have been dealt with normally. Anyways, what is done is done, my request to them, have faith in us and see what we can do for you. There is no need to fear us. You will get to know about it yourselves."

He further added that the NDA did not believe in sectional development, as was the case in Uttar Pradesh. "The state had various governments and each of them focussed on one particular community's development. No one thought of developing the state on a whole. No one is going to be left out from development in our case. UP will be a stronghold in the future."

Governance is not discriminatory

Working together with the anti-NDA entities

On asking him how the NDA plans to work together with the head of states who were anti-BJP and whether they will be given unconditional support, Amit Shah answered in the posiitve. "When you are in power, you cannot discriminate. True that leaders like Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav do not like us, but they are leading a state and are a part of the country. We will extend all our support to the states that require help."

On Arun Jaitley and opinion on RSS

On Arun Jaitley's failure in Amritsar, Shah said there was no reason to belittle his contribution in the party. "He is a senior leader and his position in the party remains the same. He has a lot of responsibilities and one cannot compromise on his roles," he said.

Shah avoided any questions on RSS and said that the policies of the NDA were decided by NDA only and no other elements influence it.

Pakistan's invitation for Modi

Amit Shah had a clear idea about India's international relations. He said,"internal relations are as important as international ones. We have to ensure that we take care of both, but without compromising the safety and the security of the country. Rest belies on Narendra Modi, how he chooses to govern the country.

At the end Shah praises Rahul Gandhi for accepting his responsibility for the failure of the Congress. "I am happy they he has owned up to the mistakes. Afterall, its the leaders responsibility for everything at the end of the day."

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