Amar-Mulayam reunion: Is SP mulling to show Azam Khan exit doors?

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Azam Khan.
It seems political equations in Uttar Pradesh ruling Samajwadi Party is going to witness a significant change. Speculations are rife over estranged Amar Singh coming back to party fold after the former SP leader shared dais with party leaders at a government event in Lucknow. But, this bonhomie has left senior party leader Azam Khan sulking. This sudden change of guards has fanned the rumours that state's minority affairs minister might be shown exit doors.

All is not well between Mulayam and Azam

If sources are to be believed, all is not good in the Samajwadi Party leadership and Azam Khan. Khan who enjoys a huge clout within the party was given a blow after SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav allowed postponing of the Shia Central Waqf Board elections in the state, despite opposition from Azam Khan.

Amar-Mulayam bonhomie has left Azam sulking

The decision of minority affairs minister was reverted after Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawwad met with Mulayam. Azam Khan skipped an Urdu Akademi function at the chief minister's official residence on Monday, following the announcement. He, however, cited bad weather as the reason for his absence from the programme.

In a press statement, Azam did not comment on the postponement but described Maulana Jawad -- without naming him -- as "corrupt, traitor and blackmailer" and "an agent of BJP, RSS and Jews".He alleged that the cleric was opposing elections because he did not have support of even one-fourth members of the Waqf Board. The Shia-Sunni discord was reportedly said to be behind this controversy.

Differences between the party leadership and Khan cropped up after the party suffered its worst ever Lok Sabha poll debacle. The party managed to bag just five parliamentary seats. Even Muslim candidates handpicked by Azam Khan in the western Uttar Pradesh region lost badly at the hands of rival BJP.

Thus, Azam Khan, who has full authority in the party's affairs and projects himself has the party's sole Muslim face, could face the brunt of the poor show in Lok Sabha polls.

Azam has lost his credibility

Azam Khan's authoritative acts in the past had also alienated the Samajwadi Party with the voters. The Minister's using police machinery for searching his buffaloes at a time when the state was reeling under deteriorating law and order situation. This created resentment among voters in the state.

The leader is famous for making insensitive statements every now and then.

During Lok Sabha poll campaigns the foot-in-mouth leader gave divisive speeches to polarise the voters. But, Azam's trick didn't work and instead alienated the Hindu voters away from the party.

And the recent tussle with Shia clerics dented the party's image amongst Shia voters as well.

Thus, it seems the party couldn't bear Azam Khan's arrogance anymore and is mulling to sideline him as he is of no use to the party as of now.

As per a Firstpost report, Khan while talking to a few reporters in UP's capital and reacting to the invitation to Amar Singh, expressed concern that he might be "thrown out" of the party once again.

Azam had in the past to had parted ways with the SP due to Amar Singh's growing influence in the party. He came back into the party after Singh was shunted from the party.

Amar-Mulayam bonhomie

Now, after Amar-Mulayam are once again inching closer experts are of the view that the Rampur MLA's association with the party might just come to an end as the party wants to do an image makeover before next Assembly Sabha polls.

Also, Amar Singh is considered to possess better networking skills and enjoys good relations with the corporates. This would perhaps help the party's prospects.

Given the political situation, one feels there will be major changes in the equations of politically active Uttar Pradesh.

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