Ajit Singh's bungalow row: Is RLD chief trying to regain lost grounds?

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RLD chief Ajit Singh.
Seems RLD chief Ajit Singh simply could not digest the humiliation meted out to him after the Centre forcibly snapped water and power supply to the 12, Tughlak Road. This will also help Singh, who is decimated in his own backyard, regain some support by politicising the name of his late father and former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh.

What is the issue?

Ajit Singh was living at 12, Tughalaq Road, his government residence which was allotted to him as a member of Lok Sabha. He was reportedly not vacating it even after losing the election. Despite being served eviction notices, the former Union Aviation Minister paid no heed to it. He even resisted the eviction team, along with police, when they had gone to take possession of the house.

Finally, the authorities had to remove the water and electricity supply of the house to force him to vacate the premises. Instead of abiding by the law, Singh resorted to oppose the government's move by giving it a political colour. As the threat of leaving a house in the Lutyens' zone was looming large, supporters of RLD were provoked saying that the Modi government is opposed to transforming the residence, once inhabited by Chaudhary Charan Singh - a popular farmer leader, into his memorial.

The NDA government has outrightly rejected Singh's demands saying why was he silent for all these years. And that is the reason why the former UPA minister has asked his supporters to come out to protest against government's move.

What is the present situation?

Shamelessly defending his desire to usurp the government property, citing his father's name, the RLD chief Ajit Singh called for a 'Jat Mahapanchayat' at 12, Tughlaq Road on Tuesday. The planned meeting was declared 'illegal' by the police which forced the cops to shut down Race Course Road Metro station to prevent protesters from reaching the venue. All major roads leading to 12, Tughlaq Road were also barricaded by the cops.

The barricading of major roads around Tughlaq Road caused traffic snarls in various parts of central and south Delhi in the morning rush hour. The cascading effect was felt at INA, Teen Murti, Aurangzeb Road, Rajesh Pilot Road and several other roundabouts as traffic remained heavy.

An attempt by Singh to regain lost ground?

Singh, a popular Jat leader and an ardent believer in the Aaya Ram, Gaya Ram cult, had associated with the Congress-led UPA government in 2011 and served as the Union Civil Aviation Minister. He had to pay the price for being a part of corruption tainted UPA government and also suffered strong anti-incumbency back home for doing little for his constituency.

By raising the issue of 'farmers' pride', Ajit Singh once again wants to woo the voters that had deserted him in the general election. By doing so, he hopes to regain his lost ground on his home turf which rejected him in the recent Lok Sabha polls and preferred a newcomer from BJP. By provoking farmers in Western UP against the Modi government, Singh perhaps hopes to reap its benefits in the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls where BJP has set its eyes.

Singh hopes that the BJP-led government too will not take the risk of irking the farmers and the Jat community, in the run up to Haryana Assembly polls, hence it will subdue against their demands, sooner or later. And if this happens, Singh will not only get a lavish bungalow for as long as he lives but also get an opportunity to project himself as champion of farmers and Jats.

Insensitivity of the political class

This entire development reflects the insensitivity of such politicians who can go to any extent for their own vested interests. It is quite clear that all that Singh, a former MP from Meerut, wants to achieve by doing so is cheap publicity.

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