Agustawestland- Michel visited Lutyens' Delhi the most

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The Central Bureau of Investigation is on the trail of a defence middleman who is alleged to have played a major part in the AgustaWestland deal. While several names are already out in the open, there are some more on the list of the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate.

The CBI got the details of several more middlemen during the questioning of various accused and also the driver of James Christian Michel. The CBI has now prepared a list of all the Indian names alleged to be involved in this deal. However the CBI is hot on the trail of a defence middleman who is alleged to have received kickbacks from Michel.


Driver holds the key:

For the CBI, the details that have been given out by Michel's driver, Narayan is important for the probe. Michel used to visit Lutyen's Delhi a lot during his visit, the CBI has learnt. He had several contacts over there and also at South Delhi.

The CBI which has learnt that the amount of Rs 360 crore given to Michel by AgustaWestland to manage the media and other influential persons was all spent during 2006 and 2010. the driver who chauffeured Michel for four years during his visits to India has given the names of his Indian contacts. He would chauffeur Michel from a hotel that he would stay in Central Delhi to the Lutyen's area in Delhi.

The CBI says that they would be questioning the Indian contacts which would help them further establish the money trail.

The driver was getting money from Michel through global wire fund transfer services and the investigators believe this could help them locate Michel. The ED and the CBI have obtained Interpol Red Notices against him. Bahadur used to ferry Michel from his hotel in central Delhi to his contacts in Lutyens' Delhi and south Delhi. He did this for some 4 years, the sources said. The CBI has also seized some documents from the residence of the driver which is being used to probe the matter further.

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