Absence of Modi-Shah results in BJP losing 3 seats to Congress

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BJP lost three seats in Gujarat to Congress in the September 13 bypoll.
A day before Narendra Modi's birthday, a dismal show by the party in bypoll elections have played a big spoiler. Since the general elections in May, the bypolls in 33 Assembly seats was the first major electoral exercise.

The elections in May brought BJP to power and Modi's wave was credited for the same but with these these bypoll election results it is evident that the winning streak of the party has weakened just within four months of the the main elections.

BJP was still expecting votes in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but these results are now raising questions on the shelf-life of the Modi wave which was responsible for the historic victory of BJP in the Lok Sabha elections.

More astounding is the fact that in Gujarat where BJP has been ruling the state for 14 non-stop years, this time the party lost three seats to Congress giving a verdict of 6-3 in the State.

Why Anandiben Patel's performance not impressive

Modi's successor in Gandhinagar, Anandiben Patel has also completed her stint of 100 days in the state, but it seems people are not really happy with the new Chief Minister. The 6-3 verdict seems to be a bad news for her as one can't forget that the BJP bagged all the 26 Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat in 2014 General Elections.

Congress, which was badly bruised and battered by the BJP in the general election, has started gaining grounds in the state. This raises the question that what exactly the opposition did in the past four months.

Absence of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi in Gujarat led to BJP's loss?

Should this loss of three seats to Congress be attributed to the fact that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have moved to centre, and the new people holding the reins of the State have not really been able to make people happy with their work.

Amit Shah, the master strategist of the BJP, was engrossed in party's campaigning in states of Haryana and Maharashtra. This also resulted in party's poor performance in the state.

Did more focus on Assembly elections led to losing focus on the September 13 bypoll election in Gujarat?

BJP's president Amit Shah has been working hard for the upcoming Assembly elections in Maharashtra, Haryana and West Bengal. But he missed out on the bypolls and may be the overconfidence of winning all the seats in the state and overlooking Gujarat for the bypolls have led to this loss of seats to BJP.

Only Modi wave will not make BJP win, grassroot work will

With old guards of the party out of the scene, the new leadership of the party will have to focus on the grassroot level. By merely projecting Modi's name or by relying on the Modi wave will not help them to win hearts of the people everytime.

The party workers became complacent with the BJP's astounding victory in the Lok Sabha polls and never took the by-polls seriously. Despite PM Modi's stressing over importance of door to door campaigning, the party cadre hardly made contacts with the voters in comparison to others who after getting decimated have started working to get back its lost stature.

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