Aarushi case: A recap of crucial evidences

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New Delhi, Nov 25: One cannot accuse the Talwars yet, not at least when there have been grave mistakes on the part of the CBI and the police too. True, that some of the evidences found at the site of the crime directly point towards the parents, who were the only one's present in the house, apart from Aarushi and Hemraj.

A look at the set of evidences will throw a light on the gaps and the loopholes within the investigation. A senior Rtd IB Officer Bhagat said that the CBI and the police should have checked each and every corner of the house, including the terrace. They seemed to have ignored a lot of evidences that could have saved the day.

Here is a recap of all the evidences found at the crime scene are as follows:

1. Post mortem reports did not find any external injuries or any signs of self-defence. However, the vaginal opening was large and white discharge was traced. No injuries were found in her private parts

2. Both the victims were killed with a surgical knife by someone who is medically trained.

3. The injury mark on the victims were v-shaped and could have been done with a golf club.

4. There were evidences of Aarushi's private parts being cleaned. This proved the presence of 2 others at the crime scene.

5. No signs of forceful entrance in the room.

6. The internet was switched on or off by someone, evidences prove. There were evidences of an injured Hemraj being dragged to the roof of the house and locked there.

7. Blood-soiled feet were found inside Aarushi's room, but not outside.If the murderer went out after committing the murder then there would be marks outside the room too.

8. There is no possibility that an outsider can consume liquor when the Talwar parents were in the adjacent room.

9. One of the key eye-witnesses was a painter who was asked to paint the wooden wall between his room and Aarushi's room.

The CBI failed to tap the evidences at the proper time in a proper manner, which still gives the Talwars a benefit of doubt.

1. Why did not the police show urgency in getting the keys of the terrace, when there were clear marks of blood stain on the handle.

2. If Hemraj was murdered inside the room, where is his bloodstain or DNA around the body of Aarushi.

3. How did the terrace door get locked from inside?

4. Were the rooms searched thoroughly for missing bags or other evidences?

5. How was the crime done without the parents' knowledge when they were just adjacent to Aarushi's room.

6. Murder and carrying the body through the stairs to the terrace and then locking it outside would have taken considerable time. How did the parents manage not to hear anything?

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