Aarthi Agarwal: What is Liposuction and how it can be fatal?

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Bengaluru, June 10: The tragic death of Telugu film actress Aarthi Agarwal is viral on the Internet space. Certainly, the cause of death should also be noted, especially in this age when women strive for a zero figure.

Anorexia has become an epidemic these days and no amount of advertisements and promotions for a healthy body and not a thin body is helping the women of this era.

Aarthi Agarwal

This is leading to depression and death. Precisely, this is what happened to the actress too. Lack of projects and weight gain drove the actress to her death when she went for a liposuction surgery beyond her body's capacity, probably setting an example for all women who worry too much about their weight and body type.

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What is Liposuction?

It is a surgical procedure that enables body contouring and bringing it back to shape by removing excessive fat from various areas. Many actors prefer going for it as their jobs demand so. Fatality due to the procedure is rare and almost negligible, but it can take a wrong turn if care is not taken as to how the surgery would be done and whom.

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How can it be fatal?

Fat embolism is a lethal after-effect of the liposuction surgery. This phenomena occurs when the fat tissue travels to the lungs and passes into the bloodstream. This blocks the blood vessels in the lungs, giving rise to respiratory diseases. There is another phenomena that can lead to instant death. Cosmetological experts say that if the fat removed from the body is not replaced by fluids, the surgery can go wrong.

What went wrong with Aarthi?

She was out of work and the 31 year old went into extreme depression after her films did not make it to the box office. She witnessed a rough patch between 2005 and 2015 when she attempted suicide after a failed career and a relationship.

Under extreme pressure, she opted for a liposuction surgery, despite her doctor suggesting against it. The Hyderabad-based doctor, whom she had approached initially, had warned her that she had no excess fat in her body that could be removed.

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Not satisfied with the answer, the 31 year old then flew to New Jersey (where she was born and brought up) to carry out the surgery. The actress was asthmatic and had developed a pulmonary illness.

The surgery aggravated her illness and she developed respiratory problems. Despite medical attention, she suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away.

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