Kejriwal to contest against Modi? AAP's political vision is scary

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The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has a strange sense of priorities. While the party is under pressure to form government in Delhi to end the logjam, its leadership is thinking of stopping the Narendra Modi wave in the next Lok Sabha elections. According to reports, AAP Convenor Arvind Kejriwal is likely to take on the BJP's prime ministerial candidate in the big fight of 2014. The party has already declared the name of Kumar Viswas as the candidate against Rahul Gandhi from Amethi, where the latter won in 2004 and 2009.

AAP's wants to continue with giant killing

The AAP's strategy is to field important leaders of the party against heavyweights of the BJP and Congress and throw an open challenge to the status quo. Kejriwal himself defeated former chief minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit in the latest polls by over 25,000 votes, the biggest for any AAP leader. The AAP wants to ride on the popular support to kill more giants and expand its base across the nation.

Why AAP is not completing the task in hand in Delhi?

These words sound extremely sweet. But the question to the AAP is: Why is it not feeling that the task of forming the government in Delhi urgent enough? Why is it allowing the Congress and the BJP time to return to the fight and making its own situation increasingly vulnerable?

Will people vote for an indecisive Kejriwal against Modi, the national alternative in the LS polls?

Beating a powerful chief minister is a big achievement and even the biggest critic of the AAP will acknowledge it. But how does that mean that the AAP can continue to repeat the feat anywhere and everywhere in the near future? Is Kejriwal showing his inexperience and moved more by an impulse? Why will people vote for him if a seasoned leader like Narendra Modi has already established himself as a national alternative?

How long will the euphoria exist if the party is not confident?

The AAP's membership has increased in leaps and bounds. Kejriwal has a huge following in the media despite his failure to take a decision. If another poll is held now, the AAP may even emerge stronger. But amid all these positive signals, there is an undeniable question which Kejriwal and his team must answer: What is their objective in life?

In the LS polls, credibility will make a difference between Kejriwal & Modi

To continue riding a euphoria or face the harsh reality and do some solid work on the ground? For if there is no real output at the end of the day, the euphoria will not take much time to vanish. There have been such examples in the past and across the globe.

Is AAP only about sentiments and not substance?

Instead of targetting Modi and get media hype, why the AAP leadership not focussing on a constructive political programme in Delhi? Some ardent AAP supporters said that the AAP's aim is not to indulge in governance but to serve the people. How is that possible? The basic lesson in political science says that a political party is formed to capture power. That is how it is different from a lobby or an NGO. Are the AAP supporters trying to rewrite the science of politics? If so, then there is little reason to give it any importance.

AAP giving up after doing all the hard work?

But we think the AAP is a movement which aims to do something real and not remain a fantasy. It has reached a position after a lot of hard work but strangely is giving up the job halfway. Is it scared to take up the responsibility for with responsibility comes difficulty.

Is the inexperienced AAP not ready to undertake something more than just fasting and attracting media focus? Why is its leaders talking so much in public, without citing any valid reason for not forming the government? If untouchability is its only political ideology, then one is afraid that the AAP's story has ended even before it had begun.

Untouchability is a dead coin in politics

The AAP has essentially dug its own grave by projecting itself as a pure force for nobody can remain aloof in a social game which is politics. The AAP has completely misunderstood the nature of Indian democracy where individual identity and urban sentiments are a negligible part of the story. To expand its base, the AAP just can't hope of killing giants from the opponent parties and need a strong organisation across the nation.

The Congress was a genuine party of the aam aadmi once because it was a social coalition and had an inclusive ideology. The AAP today is nothing but a club of citizens who are united by a strong anti-establishment feeling. The party has members like Yogendra Yadav who are authoritative in fields of socio-political affairs. Have they too failed to assess the ground reality of politics?

AAP is the result of two negatives making a positive which is not a good sign for future

The AAP was formed when two negatives made a positive. There is no positive that the AAP has offered till now and until it does so, there is no reason to feel that it is a positive phenomenon for the Indian society. What is baffling is that the party has a chance to establish itself as a positive force by entering governance, even if with other parties, but some incomprehensible logic is not allowing it to do so (the morality factor that is being projected as a reason is historically proven wrong).

Kejriwal is free to take on Modi in the next Lok Sabha elections. But one fears the credibility factor will make a difference between the two.

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