'AAP' ka agenda lost you votes Sheilaji; you dug your own grave

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Sheila Dikshit
New Delhi, Dec 9:The first thing that comes to one's mind after AAP's surprising majority in the Delhi Assembly elections is what led to Sheila Dikshit's downfall. Many would blame her agendas (which is somewhat true), but primarily it was her foul-mouthing the "adventurous" streak of women after every rape incident.

Of course, there were other agendas too that were static and did not show any signs of improvement. A comparison to AAP's or for that matter BJP's agenda can make things clear, but we do not wish to go into the details right now.

Getting back to women's safety in the city, it is not hidden from anyone how the city has been conducting itself in the past years. Rape indices had increased manifold, earning the city the name of 'Rape Capital'. Shameful, it was, but it became unbearable when the chief minister herself said things that were derogatory for any women.

Here's collating a few:

Soumya Vishwanathan, a journalist was murdered in the middle of the night when she was returning home alone: Her insensitivity toward the brutal murder of the young journalist was proved when she said that women should not be "adventurous". This was in 2008 and that is when Dikshit started drawing the criticism of activists and popular media.

Delhi gangrape case, 2012: Her downfall cannot be accounted for in just these two cases, but we need to understand that it was gradual process in between the years. Statistics showed that the conviction rate in the state pertaining to rape had gone down 46% in 1971 to 26% in 2012.

Despite that the CM had the audacity to say,"the the incident occurred on a private bus, not a DTC (Delhi Tourism Corporation) bus, so how could it be my responsibility?" and others like "Why was that iron rod in that bus that day?"

The flak grew when Dikshit announced the launch of the 181 helpline for women who travel late at night. Her remark was not just abhorrent, but also mistaken.

She had said,"One rape case had taken place in Delhi and it is now acknowledged that Madhya Pradesh is the rape capital of the country. We had one rape case and a helpline called 181 was established immediately within a week so that all women who feel insecure can contact us and police for help. It is only one of its kind in India."

Sheilaji, lets correct you first; The rape cases have gone up like anything in the state and as said earlier, the conviction rates have gone down proportionately. So, this is not just 'one' rape case that you should be talking about. Official reports suggest 810 cases of rape reported in Delhi from December 16 last year till June this year. A total of 706 cases of rape were reported in Delhi in 2012 only.

Your agendas are not clear and how can they be. Years of uncontested victory has made you take the people for granted.

But Sheilaji, here is AAP's agenda for you

1. Establishment of Citizens' Security Forces that would have a branch in each ward, providing security to anyone in distress, but with special focus on security of women, children and senior citizens.

2. Ensuring swift dispensing of justice in case of crimes against women by establishing special fast track courts; implementation of recommendations of the Verma Committee

3. Ensuring lighting and security provisions on roads, parks, buses and all public spaces. (The reader should be reminded here that media and the people had joined hands in protesting against desolated dark areas of the city, most of which did not have lighting provisions)

Let's see if the city may finally be in safe hands.

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