AAP not an outfit with 'difference' anymore: Why 'internal rift' exposed fault-lines within party

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It won't be an exaggeration to say that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has become 'Arvind alone party' after founding members were forced out from party's Political Affairs Committee (PAC) on Wednesday. This has been further confirmed by Mayank Gandhi who has said that majority didn't want them to leave PAC. After days of squabbling, finally on Wednesday, Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan were voted out from PAC in national executive (NE) meeting.

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Though, it is completely party decision whom to be given what position but the way party leaders reportedly 'orchestrated' Yadav, Bhushan duos' exit, that is really shameful. AAP is being perceived as a party which swears by its honesty and having 'different approach' from other political parties like BJP and Congress.

AAP-'Arvind alone party'?

But yesterday's incident clearly proved that in the disguise of being different, the party leaders have their own political agenda. Anyone who will go against the wish of Kejriwal and his loyalists will have to face the consequences. It is crystal clear that AAP chief and his bunch of loyalists have the final say in the party and all others are just small pawns in the party.

8 voted in support of Yadav and Bhushan in NE meet

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who brags so much that his party believes in democratic process now has to eat the crows. Two important party leaders (Bhushan, Yogendra) were axed just because they wanted that basic tenet with which party had started must be followed. Both the leaders wanted transparency in party decisions and no personality cult, but it didn't augur well among Kejriwal and his loyalists.

The way leaders voted in the NE meeting, it proved that Yogendra Yadav and Bhushan was not wrong and their demands were quite justified. The decision to remove Psephologist and lawyer from PAC was not unanimous as out of 21, only 11 voted for his ouster.

Expressing solidarity with 'rebels', 8 leaders voted against party's decision to chuck them out. This clearly indicates that some leaders of PAC believe that Bhushan and Yogendra are not rebels as projected by Kejriwal and his camps.

Drama orchestrated by Arvind Kejriwal?

It is being said that Arvind Kejriwal was dead against their removal. Reportedly, YogendraYadav and Bhushan tried to solve the issue amicably, but Kejriwal was not at all interested. AAP chief was adamant that both the leaders must be shown exit door.

If we will look at the sequence of events in the past two days, it will prove how Kejriwal wrote the entire script. Earlier, on Tuesday he expressed grief over entire matter and the way media highlighted rift within the party.

Then, it was announced that AAP chief will not attend crucial meet on Wednesday because he had to visit doctor in Bangalore. One would be naive only not to understand the real motive for Kejriwal to recluse himself from the meeting. He didn't want to take onus upon himself about the hard decision in the NE meet. Anyway he was aware that everything was already planned and meeting will be just a formality.

Now to gain the sentiment of party leaders and lakhs of disgruntled supporters, Delhi Chief Minister resigned from party convener's post on Wednesday morning, hours before NE meet. He knew that his loyalists will put all their weight behind him and ultimately he will retain the post. Through his resignation drama, Kejriwal sent out message that he was not all greedy for the post and his aim is to maintain unity in the party.

Hard won capital is in crisis?

One may not believe that party which came to power after routing giant BJP and feeble Congress, will be replica of them. It is really shocking for Aam Aadmi (common men) to see party leaders washing dirty linen in public places.

They must be finding it hard that leaders (Kejriwal and his loyalists) in which they reposed faith in recent Delhi election are stooping so low. Aam aadmi now are forced to believe that AAP is no longer different from BJP, Congress and there is no place of democracy and transparency in the party. For them, these are only words to gain political mileage and to beguile people.

Though, temporary truce in the party has been achieved by removing rebels from PAC, but that will not last long. It will continue till permanent solution will not be chalked out.

Party leaders may claim that now all is well in the party but truth of the matter is AAP leaders are helping party to lose its credibility. If the issues will not be resolved soon, then AAP Tsunami will definitely died its natural death in Delhi only. To win other elections, will be only day dream for them.

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