Aamir Khan intolerance row: A look at Mr Perfectionist's patriotic movies

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New Delhi, Nov 24: Bollywood actor Aamir Khan triggered a massive controversy after he too joined the bandwagon of those complaining against rising intolerance in the country under Modi government.

Bollywood's Mr Perfectionist even supported the move of award wapsi by a section of the artists against increasing intolerance in the country and said an artist can express his/her concern through such a gesture.

This statement from the actor drew him a lot of criticism as well as support from every corner. But, there were a few who even questioned the patriotism of the actor who instead of providing a solution to the increasing intolerance in the country is simply giving ammunition to the fringe groups.

Aamir's statement did not go well with many people across the country. He faced criticism. A few groups burnt his posters showing their disappointment with the actor.

When other actors of his generation were busy doing love stories and action movies, Aamir picked up intense subjects and earned the reputation of a 'patriotic actor'.

Here are a few images of movies through which Aamir Khan became synonymous to a mature actor and Mr Perfectionist.

Sarfarosh: 1999

This was perhaps the first film which helped Aamir Khan separate himself from other actors of his generation. He played the role of an IPS officer combating terrorism.

Lagaan: 2001

This period drama, set in the backdrop of British-ruled India, gave international acclaim to the Indian cinema. Lagaan was nominated for Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Mangal Pandey-The Rising: 2005

This 2005 Indian biographical historical film was based on life of Mangal Pandey, a sepoy in British Army who is revered as the first freedom fighter to have sacrificed his life during Revolt of 1857. The actor was critically admired for his portrayal of on-screen Mangal Pandey. 

Rang De Basanti: 2006

It is another milestone movie in Aamir Khan's career which cemented his position as Mr Perfectionist. Aamir's film based on youth is still considered a cult movie and continues inspiring the younger generation. 

Rang De Basanti: 2006

Aamir Khan's portrayal of freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad in RDB garnered him a lot of appreciation and made him a youth icon.

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