A day at Jantar Mantar - Delhi's Protest Hub

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We have seen and heard about market hubs for apparels, food, gadgets and so on but in Delhi we have a protest hub - Jantar Mantar.

At least 25 - 30 protests on different issues are underway at any point of the time on Jantar Mantar road. There are protest stalls on both sides of the road.

A day at Jantar Mantar

Everyday only a few protests make headlines, while majority of others don't find a space anywhere in the media. This depends upon the nature and importance of issues.

Some protests are one day affair, while many have been going on from time immemorial.

Few issues influence national politics, while many don't have such impact.

Few issues have common cause with large number of people, many are concerns of only a few.

Some pictures below can help explain how a day at Jantar Mantar goes by.

Lost hope and Undelivered promises

Many stalls, on an average, have 20 - 30 protesters. Apart from these, there are many empty stalls which tell the story of lost hope and undelivered promises.

OROP still an issue for many

While the Modi government has committed to implement OROP, many veterans are not happy with its present form. They are still protesting OROP to be implemented in its entirety.

Protest against 'Breaking India'

Anti-JNU protest taken out by Army Veterans yesterday had all media's attention on Sunday. This was the star protest of the day.

Hardik Patel issue is still alive at Jantar Mantar

Patel Navnirman Sena is demanding the release of their leader Hardik Patel. They allege that he has been kept in jail unnecessarily.

Bhojpuri wants recognition

A group of Biharis are protesting for Bhojpuri Language Recognition Movement demanding that Bhojpuri be included in eighth schedule of the Constitution.

Sant Rampal has quite a following

A group of protesters were busy distributing pamphlets, claiming that if you read this you will find out the truth about 'Sant Rampal ji Maharaj'. "He has been falsely implicated." They were so confident of Rampal's innocence that they are demanding CBI enquiry into allegations against him.

Fight for own humble abode

Those who live on rent in Delhi took out a 'Adhikar Rally' yesterday demanding a home of their own. They claimed that the renters in Delhi account for 70 per cent of all voters. The rally was led by Akhil Bhartiya Manav Nyay Samiti.

Asaram still rules few hearts

Under the banner of 'Vishal Jan Satyagrah', few people were sitting in at Jantar Mantar, alleging that there is an attempt to malign the saints of the country.


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