57% of people want Indian Government to destroy terror camps inside Pakistan

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In a Twitter Poll carried out yesterday, online pollster MyVote.Today @myvote_today asked: "In your opinion, how should the Government of India / PM Narendra Modi respond to Pakistan supported terrorism in India?"

Four options were given to voters participating in the Poll, (1) Destroy Terror Camps; (2) Fight to Reclaim Pakistan-occupied Kashmir; (3) Help Baloch (separatist) Movement; (4) Cut Diplomatic Ties.

As many as 3,310 people voted on the Poll in 24 hours. The results were quite surprising. Only 10% preferred the "soft option" of cutting diplomatic ties.

14% voted for the option to fight for reclaiming PoK, while 19% voted to support the Balochistan separatist movement. An overwhelming majority of 57% voted that the Government of India / PM Narendra Modi should destroy terror camps.

On the previous day, the MyVote.Today @myvote_today Daily Poll had asked people who they thought was the mastermind behind regular cross-border terror attacks reportedly emanating from Pakistan.

2,271 people had cast their votes, of which only 6% opined that it was the Government of Pakistan, 11% said it was terrorist groups such as LeT, JeM, JuD, UJC, as many as 41% voted for the Pakistan Army & ISI, and 42% chose the option of all three in conjunction.

As a follow up to the 57% result of yesterday, MyVote.Today @myvote_today is now running an online poll (on Twitter) which asks how should the Indian PM destroy terror camps in Pakistan. About 1,800 people had voted at the time of going to press.

MyVote.Today is a digital technology company that runs online polls, currently only on Twitter. It usually runs one Daily Poll, and sometimes it also runs sporadic Special Polls. 

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