5 worst places in the world to live in for the LGBT community

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Rights of LGBT communities have come a long way. While some countries have accepted them as a part of the society and have integrated them with open arms, there are others who still discriminate against them.

For instance, the Sharia states demand the death penalty of LGBT, while Christian nations leave gay people to rot in jails.

Given below are top 5 countries that still need to accept and learn about the community:


Iran: Totally intolerant towards the LGBT community, the gay is flogged, tortured, abused and abused with brutality. However, a 1987 law legalised sex chang, which allowed worried parents to force their children to undergo unwarranted hormone treatment chemical castration, and sexual reassignment surgery to escape being murdered by the regime's thugs.

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Turkey: Being gay is not a crime here. But that is no relief as violence against homosexuals are increasing by the day. Transgender women are arrested for any pretext, blackmailed by police officers and violently assaulted. Violence and mutilation of bodies not uncommon. They are frequently murdered and honor killing is a part of the game.

Afghanistan: The war-torn state is torn between its sets of beliefs and the unconventional. When child marriage is a norm here, there is no acceptance for the LGBT. While areas ruled by the Karzai government have done away with the death penalties for gay relationships, there are chances that coming out will result in brutal murder.

Gays are married off forcefully and sent to exile, which is extremely difficult.

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Nigeria: Homosexuality may lead to death penalty by stoning here. Some laws also state 14 years jail for being homosexual. Only in the last year, a bill was passed making it illegal to fail to report anyone you suspect of being homosexual. This surpasses the legislation Hitlet put in place against homosexuals in Germany.

Uganda: 14 years of imprisonment is just one thing and death penalty is another. The jail confinement is in some of the most horrifying jails in the country.

People have also been deported and jailed for performig plays dealing with homosexuality. LGBT right activists are routinely harassed by the state and newspapers are previously been known to publish the names and adresses of homosexuals alongside incitement to lynching.

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