There goes HIV..magically!

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Bangalore, July 23:While street shows and theatres have been conventional methods of spreading HIV awareness amongst the rural, here is a new medium that is likely to interest people of all age groups, classes and sections.

Call it magic or entertainment, Nagabhushan is a well known face in the streets of the city now. Known for his skills in the field of magic, it would be wrong to generalise him. He shows magic for a cause. The disease does not exist in his world, at least that is what he claims and aspires to do.


Working for the Karnataka State Aids Prevention Society (KSAPS), he performs for villagers or a crowded temple. The balls and the ribbons that forms his world magically shift places and intermingle between each other, signifying that HIV patients are no different from us and can be accepted as they are. There is no threat of contamination.

"People should be aware of the various aspects of the disease. They have a lot of prejudices that needs to be cleared. People from the rural areas are uneducated and it is difficult for them to understand medical terms and their significance. So, I have chosen this path," said a smiling Nagabhushan.

Wrooming to the road of awareness

Like Nagabhushan, there are many who take to unconventional ways to spread HIV awareness. For instance, two youths from Mysore have taken it on the road, along with other campaigns like global warming and tiger conservation.

George Daniel, an employee of a Bangalore-based MNC, and Harish, a businessman heading a marketing agency, have taken a break from work and will travel between Mysore and Kanyakumari on a two-wheeler, spreading information about the disease.

These youngsters have hit the headlines for their sheer courage and an eye for innovation. Truely, they represent the young India with a vision.

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