You are right Azamji, Nagpal is Durga; any guesses for the Asura(s)?

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Bangalore, Aug 8: Accolades to the UP minister Md Azam Khan for figuring out what the media has been trying to tell till now (finally!). Was that too hard a job? we think not. But, how is that you have not yet been able to figure out the Asura/s? too bad.

Let us tell the readers what Azamji said. Accusing the media for glorifying the Durga suspension case, he said that we have "blowed the issue out of proportion". (Ahem~) And we thought, you were the one doing this. A simple open and shut case where the 'accused' Durga has got the clean chit from all quarters is still being dragged, despite the intervention of the centre and the people.

Nagpal is Durga

We understand your concern for the muslim vote banks in UP, but trust us, they have not been tampered (verify from the Waqf, if you may). Even the muslims have nothing against the IAS officer as they too have realised that she was just doing her job; but you were not to budge.

"The media has projected Durga as Durgaji. Otherwise in such cases, officers from the level of managing director (MD) to chief engineer get suspended and not even a single line is published," you said. Hmmm...point, but pardon our memories if we race back in time when we had mentioned that random transfers (not suspensions may be) are on the rise in UP.

A report by Hindustan Times says that the SP government in its 16-months tenure has ordered as many as 800 transfers of IAS officers, an average of 50 transfers every month in a state having about 350 IAS officers serving at present.

The report also quotes retired IAS officer Manohar Subramaniam saying,"The average tenure of district magistrates in the state has come down to about six months against the all-India average of nearly nine months."

But, that's a recent report! you would say. Well sir, if we start digging out reports from the past, it will kill our time, especially when we cannot afford to play "kill-the-bill" when we have a cause to fight for, remember?

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