Why Vanzara's letter won't hurt Modi's PM chances

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It is amazing how the 'secular' media and politicians have found a reason to celebrate the potential fall of Narendra Modi by stressing a letter written by former top Gujarat IPS officer DG Vanzara. Vanzara did not speak all these days and what is the basis of suddenly taking his words as the ultimate truth now?

Or is it that the anti-Modi establishment wait for anybody to speak against the Gujarat chief minister? It seems if a street beggar claims tomorrow that Modi did not give him a rupee coin, all hell will break loose and the leader's detractors will begin targetting him as an anti-poor soul.

Why Vanzara feeling the 'conscience prick' today, ahead of the polls?

It is foolish to expect that Vanzara's claims will hurt Modi's chances to emerge as the BJP's prime ministerial candidate. If Vanzara claimed that he and his colleagues were not helped by the state government despite carrying out its orders, then as former IPS officer Kiran Bedi has rightly put it, it is the public servants who should be questioned more.

If Modi's governance 'won't work' outside Gujarat, neither will Vanzara's letter

Vanzara is feeling pained today to react to an urge for moral justification, but why didn't the conscience prick him earlier? Or was he waiting for some reward and felt disgusted when it didn't turn out the way he expected and decided to speak openly against Modi, knowing very well that he will have thousands of takers? Vanzara said he used to adore Modi like God, a statement which is bound to rock the reliability of the public servants of this country.

If tainted politicians can aspire to get votes, then why not an able politician like Modi?

Did extra-judicial killings only happen in Gujarat and under Narendra Modi's rule? Why do we engage ourselves so much in a game of specialising general problems related to our law-enforcement agencies? And how does it matter for a common voter? If the Indian electorate still votes for tainted politicians around the country, there is no chance that they will not prefer a clean and able political leader like Modi while casting their ballots.

Morality in politics? Never works

Moral accusations have never worked in politics. If the Congress could come back to power within three years of the black phase of Emergency between 1975 and 1977 and in the wake of the Sikh riots in 1984, then there is more reason not to believe that a letter from Vanzara will spoil Modi's chances of emerging as a national leader.

Vanzara or no Vanzara, people of Gujarat have repeatedly voted for Modi

The people of Gujarat have voted him to power for three successive terms now since his administrative abilities have surpassed every other factor that could go against him. If we decide to give morality a space in our politics, then I fear not many politicians can be allowed to roam in the open. So, why just pinpoint a letter?

If Modi's development model 'won't work' outside Gujarat, neither will Vanzara's letter

Moreover, if Modi's opponents feel that the former's Gujarat development model won't help him get votes outside his state, then by the same logic one can say that a local police affair will not affect his voters in other parts of the country.

Was Vanzara pressurised?

Who can say whether Vanzara has not been pressurised to pen the letter just a few weeks ahead of Modi's elevation as the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP? The opponents tried to corner Modi by cashing in on the Ishrat Jahan case a few months ago, but nothing really came out of it and the leader continued to get recognition from across the globe despite some strange arguments put up the 'secular' media before foreign politicians, inviting derision. Why didn't Vanzara approach proper channels to speak about his grievance instead of creating a sensation in the first place?

One needs a potent political strategy to derail Modi. Letters and emotion will not work.

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