SFI activist's death: 2 men who tried to defend Mamata

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Arnab Goswami's belligerent journalism is not a favourite food for a viewer who has an objective mind but he did better than those hapless representatives of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) in an evening debate on a national news channel on Wednesday. Goswami's questioning skill is not the best in the world but yet the way he made the two representatives of the TMC, one political and another non-political, toil on the show, it showed the shameful deterioration in the standards of our public figures.

Suvaprasanna, who made a mockery of himself

Take for example, Suvaprasanna. The man, known more for his blind faith in TMC chief Mamata Banerjee than the skills with the brush (he is an artist, it is said) was shocking on the show. The man went on the offensive at the very beginning by calling the anchor a Left-leaning journalist and that everything was being done to taint the Mamata Banerjee government. No surprise Suvaprasanna was only treated with disdain for his unnecessary offence by Goswami and other panelists for the rest of the show.


But it would have been a much lesser agony for the man had he acknowledged that the 22-year-old SFI leader, Sudipto Gupta, was manhandled by the police and that his death should have been probed. Instead, he went to forcefully guarding his leader Banerjee and ended up talking a whole lot of trash. What did he mean by uttering words like ‘privileged' and ‘bourgeoise' to say that the Left only played politics with Gupta's death? Isn't he himself a representative of the ‘privileged' class who love to keep himself blessed by the power-centre?

It is a shame that people like Suvaprasanna, who claim themselves as part of the intelligentsia, practise sycophancy of the worst form. The Trinamoolis indeed had nothing to speak for themselves after the tragedy that shook the nation on Tuesday and found shouting as the only available option to hide the crime.

Suvaprasanna tried to establish that West Bengal is the most peaceful state in the country at the top of his voice. But the more he tried to assert himself, the more exposed he was getting. He tried to show that the party he supports doesn't politicize the death of a supporter of the opposition camp but was left without a defence when another young Left leader Ritabrata Banerjee targeted him. People like Suvaprasannas are blots on the Bengali society.

O'Brien: Has he turned so insensitive towards the youth even after working with them as a quizmaster?

Take the other representative of the ruling party, Derek O'Brien. Though a smarter face compared to the former, O'Brien, however, refused to appear on a debate panel and sought a one-to-one talk with Goswami. But even while talking, the MP gave ample proof of the fact that it was impossible for him to hide his government's terrible act. He was found bypassing the main issue and tried to show that his party was looking at the tragedy from a humanitarian point of view. But he was clearly struggling to reach any point.

Goswami even brought in Banerjee to counter him, saying O'Brien had met a third party while speaking on this issue on another channel, leaving the latter fuming. But it was sad to see O'Brien's insensitivity towards the incident and the pathetic death of a youth in police brutality. When being asked why the Trinamool government insisted that it was a not murder but an accident, O'Brien said it doesn't matter! How doesn't it matter Mr O'Brien? Did you see the tears of Sudipto's helpless father?

It is painful to see a person like O'Brien, who is known for working with students as a popular quizmaster, can turn so insensitive about a youth who was mercilessly killed by the police. Do politicians kill the human within?
Both Suvaprasanna and Derek O'Brien were poor advertisements of a regime which speaks about human beings as one of its three basic tenets.

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