When did pornography become "God's Work"?

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Bangalore, Aug 22: Standing in front of the Vidhana Soudha would make one proud that he resides in a country that considers "Government work is God's work". The illusion breaks when you enter the offices, just to find a typical government office anywhere in the country-piled up files dating back to god knows when and dust piling on them. The officers are nowhere to be seen unless there is a 'chai' break going on at the corner of the room.

Naah...its not so simple these days. With reports of Vidhana Soudha government officials indulging in porn sites during work hours, you never know what is happening at that very corner of the room which hosted 'chai' parties. Why blame the government officials here, when we have live example of BJP politicians watching porn when the parliament is in session.

While that was exposed by a CCTV footage, this case was a chance encounter by a secret CBI dossier, monitoring the internet activities of government offices, that came across Internet protocals leading to porn sites from the Vidhana Soudha. The dossier has been sent across to the CID.

"We found that the internet protocol with kar.nic.in was extensively used by government employees in the state to view pornography, particularly from Vidhana Soudha. The finding happened when our cyber experts conducted anti-terrorism surveillance. Vidhana Soudha employees were found visiting websites with porn," a senior officer told reporters.

We can already see sweat breaking out there...But, don't worry nothing happens to politicians in our country.

Caught in the act

An act of dishonesty



In Bangalore

A deserted look inside the Vidhana Soudha is proof enough of how much work is done here.

A government office

Office work in progress


Government officials do not work sincerely.

CBI working

CBI tracked the porn sites to Vidhana Soudha, was tight-lipped till now.


Government office on a busy day.

The high claims

The engraving on the building of the Vidhana Soudha which says "Government work is God's work"

Cyber Crime

Cyber internet investigations are done on each government office.

Standing tall

Where has honesty and hard work gone?

How were they exposed?

Following a series of incidents relating government officials and politicians watching porn sites during work, the government has ordered strict vigilence monitoring th einternet activities in government offices. As per sources, all state government servers are linked to the servers of National Informatics Centre. But, as we said, such activities are hushed up even when they are busted, thanks to the vested interest of the politicians.

CBI officials cry foul as they say," Almost all government departments are on our radar for the past couple of years. From time to time, we have brought the porn fetish in Vidhana Soudha to the notice of the cyber-crime cell of CID. They have not taken any corrective measures for reasons best known to them."

What can a country ridden with blame game expect? This, in fact, has not even spared the CID. Officials of one of the most efficient investigating departments rue that the information have been kept in abeyance as they have been classified as "anonymous" by the CBI.

What law-makers say

An intelligence officer says,"Using official computers to view porn is an act of indiscipline and attracts punishment. As per the provisions of the I-T Act, individuals can view porn on the internet through their own devices, but not through public or official devices."

D S Ravindran, CEO, E-governance assures, "We have policies to prevent such misuse, and expect all government employees to be responsible. I will try to introduce filters and firewalls to block all offensive websites."

Lawyer C V Sudhindra says: "Watching pornography is no offence, but its publication or transmission is forbidden. The law requires cybercafes to block all obscene sites, including porn sites, and this applies to government offices as well. Using a public device at a cybercafe or a device kept at a public office to view porn is a most heinous act. Officials are liable to face serious action, including suspension."

So, the next time your work at the government is delayed, blame the internet.

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