Nawaz's 'jugular vein' is giving India heartaches

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Bangalore, Aug 20: Since when did Kashmir become a part of Pakistan that the 'honorable' Pakistani PM, Nawaz Sharif, considers it a 'jugular vein' for their country?. With an air of indifference, as if nothing has happened, the Nawaz Sharif government still expects peace talks between the two countries!

Well, sir, if you are so concerned about peace talks, why don't you stop the miscreants at the border? Of course they cannot violate the ceasefire without your consent or knowledge.

Nawaz's 'jugular vein' is giving India heartaches

You talk about "tackling poverty and economy", we talk about learning to respect the line of control. We understand and appreciate your stand on war and the energy and resources wasted on them, but sir for us, life of our people holds more value thatn anything else (remember the 5 jawans you had shot down without any reason?)

True that a country's development is linked to its cordial relation with its neighbours. Cordial, you said? So does being cordial mean 26 ceasefires in 11 days? that too without any reason.

"The country (Pakistan) is fully prepared to defend the motherland along with its valiant armed forces", said Sharif. So, was that a practice session at the line of control?

All said and done, when exactly are you planning not to waste your energies and "wage war against poverty, ignorance and disease"?

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