Corps encourage mid-day naps for productivity

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Bangalore, June 13: Winston Churchill, Napoleon, John F Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt-all these famous personalities might belong to different professions, but there are two things that are common between them-they are famous and they all believed in taking mid-day naps...even while working!

The case of the German bank employee taking nap on his keyboard and transferring millions by mistake is making rounds of the media to an hilarious extent.

However, we ignore the most essential part of the bite where the official dozed off due to lack of sleep. A common phenomena in today's fast-paced lifestyle, where you get fewer hours of sleep and more work. A 20-30 minutes of mid-day nap compensates for a whole lot of sleep that is lacking everyday. It might not be sufficient to fill up the gap completely, but at least it reboots your system in the middle of the day and prepares you to brace the second half of the day with extra energy, suggests the National Sleep Foundation. IT further confirms that a lot of advantage lies in store of a hearty mid-day nap.

Nap time

A nap can restore your alertness and performance at office. As it prevents burnouts, there is less work-related stress and burnouts. It reboots the system and gives your body a fresh start. Apart from this, there are other advantages too, which include:

  • Heightening of sensory perceptions
  • Reduces the chances of heart diseases
  • Makes one more productive

Realizing the above-mentioned scenario, a number of MNCs and organizations have introduced nap rooms or rejuvenating rooms for that half hour relaxation.

"We all get sleepy in the midafternoon, and it looks like our body clocks are winding down a little bit then,'' Dr. Steven Feinsilver, the director of the Mount Sinai Center for Sleep Medicine says. "If you need an extra two hours of sleep, getting a half an hour is good, and it helps.'' In fact, it has been observed that post-nap, there is a marked change in the productivity of employees. They can work more effectively during the second half of the day too. Moreover, they are happy that the organization thinks about their well-being, which enhances dedication and loyalty to the organization.

While nap rooms have become a common scenario in the west, it is still considered to have negative repurcussions in India. While the private sector is beginning to have a positive opinion on the same, a drastic change can be expected in the mind set of the people soon. Till then, ensure that you do not doze off on your keyboard!

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